MP ‘whispered disgusting, slimy things to teenage boy’ before ‘sexually assaulting him’

An MP allegedly whispered “disgusting, slimy things” to teenage boy before sexually assaulting him in his bunkbed, a could heard.

Imran Ahmad Khan, Tory MP for Wakefield, is said to have groped the 15-year-old in the top-bunk after a family party in Staffordshire in January 2008.

The alleged victim told Southwark Crown Court that before sexually assaulting him, Khan, 48, had asked him to show him the way to the downstairs toilet.

But Gudrun Young, QC, defending, told him he did not say he had been dragged up the stairs until an officer reminded him it was part of his original account to the police.

“You are taking the suggestion you are being dragged upstairs and an improvisation comes out in front of the jury,” said Mr Young.

He replied: “You are trying to make out the fact I trained as an actor and I am acting this out.

“The reason I am saying this is because it happened.

“I am not acting, I am telling the truth.”

Jurors heard that Khan threw away a cat the boy had been holding before dragging him upstairs as the teenager tried to grab a banister.

Officers showed him a notebook of his original account to police after the alleged incident which brought back a further flood of memories he had ‘blocked off’, the court heard.

“It made me realize I had blocked lots of stuff leading up to the event,” he said.

“Something like when my mum told me he was running to be an MP, it came flooding back again.”

But Ms Young told him there were significant differences and additional details in his later police interviews and the account he had originally given.

“I suggest to you that all of those explanations are more excuses to try to explain to the police, and perhaps even to yourself, why there is no mention at all of a central part of the account,” said Ms Young.

Imran Ahmad Khan, Tory MP for Wakefield, is said to have grown the 15-year-old


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He replied: “I do not agree.

“I was in shock, I was a child, I just had something horrific happen to me in my home.

“I didn’t want to go into detail about it, I just wanted it to disappear and get on with my life.”

Police came to the house and the teenager gave an account but he did not want to take the matter any further until 2019 when he saw Khan elected for public office.

Jurors heard that when he was invited for a second police interview in February last year he believed it was about the MP’s mental health.

He told jurors that an officer gave him a phone call saying he needed to come in for an interview because prosecutors were concerned.

“They were concerned about Mr Khan’s mental health,” he said.

The court heard that the complainant had not disclosed the detail of Khan suggesting they watch some porn in his 2019 interview because he had ‘blocked it out’.

He rejected the barrister’s suggestion he was ‘inventing and embellishing’ things, adding: ‘Why would I do that?

‘I get nothing out of this. All I get is pain.’

Jurors were told that prior to following the boy to his room Khan had been ‘whispering disgusting, slimy things’ into his ear.

“It all came as a surprise to you until he was touching your sleeping bag,’ said Ms Young.

“If that was true, how does it fit in any way with what you are saying?”

He replied: “Because it all goes into one for me.

‘All of it was disgusting, all of it was horrible.’

The complainant denied that he told police officers Khan had ‘almost’ touched his genitals meant that the attack did not happen.

“I have almost touched my testicles.

“He touched my body but he almost touched my testicles, within a hair’s breadth, because I stopped it,” he said.

In Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) video describing the complainant described the events leading up to the assault alleged to police officers.

The teenager, his little brother, and Khan were allegedly sitting on the floor of the bedroom after the party, as the older man drank gin and tonic.

“I think it must have been quite late because everyone else was asleep,” the complainant earlier said.

‘We were sat in a circle. I have [Khan] had a cut glass tumbler.

“He was saying would you like to have a drink?

“I had it and didn’t like it.

Jurors heard that Khan threw away a cat the boy had been holding before dragging him up stairs as the teenager tried to grab a banister


Tayfun Salci/ZUMA Press Wire/REX/Shutterstock)

“As it was in my mouth, I kept pushing it back and I could feel it in the edges of my mouth.

“The glass going in my mouth and it being forced and I kept saying, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it.”‘

The complainant said that he and his brother felt ‘weird’ about the situation.

“He kept forcing us to drink that,” the then 15-year-old added.

It was decided, unspoken between the brothers, to go to bed, jurors heard.

“We very quickly sort of turned out the lights and went to our bed.

“He was drunk because I could hear his heavy breathing.

“We thought if we go to bed it will just stop….the game is over.”

Asked further on in the same interview to expand on the drinking, the complainant said: ‘He asked me to sniff it first.

“I said I didn’t like the smell.

“He said you should taste it. I tasted it and I said no and he forced it back and I felt the glass in the back of my mouth and I couldn’t push it back.

“My back was kind of against the bookcase so as I went back I didn’t have anywhere to go.”

The 15-year-old tried to ‘shimmy’ into the corner to ‘escape,’ the court heard.

“I don’t really like fizzy things anyway,” he continued.

“It was also the bubbles as well.

“It was kind of going up my nose as well a little bit when I was trying to not drink it. After that moment [my brother] and I realized this is weird.”

He told police how no one was ever drunk in their house and due to his and his brothers’ ‘limited knowledge’ they both thought Khan was ‘just drunk’.

The officer asked whether the MP offered the younger boy gin and tonic.

‘I think so,’ the complainant said.

‘I have seen what had happened to me.

“Imran was like about to offer it to [my brother] and that was the point where we were like we’re going to go to bed.”

It was once the two siblings had gone to bed that Khan initiated his sexual assault, the jury heard.

The ‘blue wall’ MP was born in Wakefield, where he attended the independent Silcoates School.

He went to university at the Pushkin Institute in Russia and graduated from King’s College in London with a bachelor’s degree in war studies.

The MP worked for the UN as a special assistant for political affairs in Mogadishu before entering Parliament.

Dressed in a suit and sat out of the dock at the back of the court, Khan was expressionless as he listened to the evidence.

He denies sexual assault and the trial continues.

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