Motorist going more than 100mph on motorway tells police ‘love made me do it’

The motorist was speeding at more than 100mph down the M40 on his way to see his girlfriend when Thames Valley Police pulled him over on Easter Sunday

A driver caught traveling at more than 100mph on the M40 motorway told police that ‘love made him do it’

A driver who was caught traveling at more than 100mph on the motorway yesterday told police it was “love that made him do it”.

The motorist said he was flying down the M40 on his way to see his girlfriend after he was pulled over the busy motorway.

He was collared by Thames Valley Police, who say there is no excuse for speeding, Buckinghamshire Live reports.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson wrote online: “The motorist stopped doing 102mph was driving to see his girlfriend and said love made him do it.

“Rock legend Meatloaf: ‘I would do anything for love, but I just won’t do that!’ (Speeding?). Reported straight to Court.”

The driver claimed he was on his way to see his girlfriend when he was pulled over



Other drivers were stopped for speeding at 91mph, 90mph and 89mph.

Two more were stopped for careless driving after ‘undertaking at speed’ and one motorist was ‘not in proper control of their vehicle’.

It comes as Brits could face having speed limiters fitted to all new cars under government plans to improve safety on the roads, it has been reported.

Thames Valley Police said he was reported to the court after catching him going over the speed limit


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Measures that would see lower speeds and reduce pollution by cars would also be backed by environmental groups.

But critics have also hit out at the “big brother” idea which would mean greater control by the state on people’s lives.

The government is expected to announce consultations over several possible proposals to reduce the power of engines or where an alarm would sound if drivers go over the speed limit, reported the Telegraph.

It would be a further method to stop speeding with 60mph limits on parts of smart motorways which are being enforced by police.

At the same time, some MPs have blasted what they see as an “anti-driver campaign”, including Craig Mackinlay, Conservative chairman of the Fair Fuel UK Motorists and Hauliers all-party parliamentary group.

He, reported to the Telegraph, said: “This will completely destroy the luxury car market, and I think there are so many aspects of the anti-driver campaign now that are coming to the fore.

“This is just more Big Brother in your cockpit. We’ll see more of this if we go up the route of road pricing. I don’t think people have thought of the freedom aspects of all of this. It just sounds very unconservative.”

Speeding could be detected using GPS devices and cameras on cars but potential problems would include where there are temporary restrictions in place.

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