Mother and three children evicted from a temporary home by the city council with 30 minutes notice


Izabela Kikosicka, 36, was forced to sofa surf for months after she and her three children were evicted from their accommodation in Erith, Kent, last November by the Waltham Forestry Council.

izabela kikosicka
Izabela, a mother of three, was ‘evicted in 30 minutes’ after ‘rejecting’ the council’s offer of a new home 123 miles away

A mother of three says she feels her life is “falling apart” after the council allegedly gave her family just 30 minutes to leave their house.

Izabela Kikosicka, 36, and her children, aged five, 10 and 13, have been sofa surfing since November after being asked to leave their temporary accommodation in Erith, Kent.

She said she had no idea she and her children would have to pack their things and felt a “massive shock” when officers changed the locks on their home and forced the family out.

She accused the Waltham Forestry Council, which arranged the temporary home for her in the London Borough of Bexley, of having “washed their hands” of her situation, reports MyLondon.

She told The Sun Online: “I don’t understand how they can put someone on the streets and not care what’s going to happen.”

Izabela Kikosicka, 36, and her children, aged five, 10 and 13, have been sofa surfing since November after being asked to leave their temporary accommodation in Erith, Kent.


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He claimed he was told to go to council, who told him he had to go back to Bexley, adding: “There’s just no response, there’s nothing. The council has not contacted me. They have washed their hands of me.”

Izabela, who works as a cleaner while preparing to become a midwife, was first offered the house when she became homeless three years ago.

Since leaving her temporary home in November, she has been staying with friends every night. All the family has is their clothes, everything else is stored.

She said the council told her she was kicked out of her home because they had “done their housing duty” to her after offering her a house 140 miles away in Derbyshire in 2020.

She said she didn’t accept the offer at the time because it would have meant taking her children away from school, family and friends.

Izabela said Bexley London Borough Council, Erith’s local authority, had also denied any responsibility in her case.

In an email sent by Bexley City Council, she was told that she “had no local connection to this local authority” even though her children had been attending school there since 2018.

She continued: “The amount of constant trying to find a place is exhausting.

“I feel like my life is falling apart. I’m so worried about my kids. I can’t even tell them anything because I don’t know myself.”

A spokesman for Bexley London Borough Council said: “It is not our policy to reveal or discuss people’s personal circumstances in the media.”

The Waltham Forest Council councilor told Louise Mitchell, cabinet member for housing and homelessness prevention, to MyLondon: “It is a national scandal that benefits and wages do not cover the cost of rent in London.

“We do everything we can to help families find a stable home when they are in an emergency situation.

“When we help families at risk of homelessness, we can’t put them where they can’t pay rent and buy day-to-day essentials.

“We are proud of our housing record. The municipality is undergoing the largest housing construction program in a generation.

“We are doing everything we can to build as many new houses at a rent that people can afford.

“We call on the government to do more to address this crisis that affects millions of people across the country.”

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