Most terrifying 2022 predictions – new Covid, alien invasion and ‘World War 3’

2021 was not a year we will look back on fondly, but 2022 could be even worse with predictions being made about natural disasters, inflation and even an alien invasion

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What Baba Vanga has amazingly predicted in the past

It’s finally time to bid farewell to 2021 – and it’s not a year we’re going to look back on fondly.

There have been more lockdowns, political unrest and serious concerns over the environment.

However, those hoping for a break might not be in luck as 2022 looks like it could be even worse.

There are a handful of terrifying predictions from French astrologer and doctor Nostradamus, including a war in France, inflation and even cannibalism.

Blind clairvoyant Baba Vanga envisaged natural disasters, a water crisis and an alien invasion by the end of next year – and some are even speculating there could be ‘World War 3’.

Here is a look at some of the things we might need to be worried about in 2022.

New pandemic

Covid figures are on the rise



The biggest concern about next year is definitely Covid and whether new deadly strains will form.

Paul Hunter, professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia told the Mirror “the virus is here to stay”.

“Ultimately, we will see more waves of infection over time, but each wave will be less of a pressure on the health service,” he explained.

Even if we do manage to get the infection rate down, some fear there could be a new virus wreaking havoc.

Baba Vanga, who has many predictions people believe continue to come true following her death in 1996, envisaged another pandemic.

This time it’s predicted to be discovered in Siberia and caused by a frozen virus that will be released by climate change.

World War 3

Some fear there could be a war


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There are serious concerns over a possible global war in the coming year – and one possible cause could be the ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan.

The incursions from nuclear-capable Chinese warplanes has ratcheted-up tensions over the tiny US-backed island.

Relations between the two nations are at their worst in 40 years, Taiwan’s defence minister said at the end of last year.

Western allies of Taiwan have expressed their concern at China’s open display of military might and it is widely feared any form of armed confrontation could quickly escalate into a global conflict.

Meanwhile, Russia has reportedly approved plans for “urgent mass graves” amid fears a war could break out after an invasion of Ukraine.

Russian outlet MK say that the burial sites were constructed as a priority after they allegedly appeared on leaked legal documents that are expected to come into force on February 1.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Nostradamus believed this would be a year involving war.

Nostradamus has some worrying 2022 predictions


ullstein picture via Getty Images)

Michel de Nostradame, as he was known at the time, published his infamous book Les Prophéties back in 1555 featuring 942 forecasts.

While it’s tricky to pin down exact dates with Nostradamus’ predictions, as they are based on astrological movements rather than the calendar, the prediction of war reaching Europe is one that can be narrowed down to perhaps being due in 2022.

A recurring theme throughout Nostadamus’ predictions is the invasion of France by a threat from the east.

However, the following prediction is speculated to be referring to the spring of 2022:

“Blue-head shall white-head

harm in such degree,

As France’s good to both shall e’er amount.”

Much like all of Nostradamus’ predictions, this one is rather vague, but it could be alluding to the breakout of World War 3.

Extreme climate event

A mega tsunami could hit


Getty Images/iStockphoto)

It’s definitely time to get concerned about our planet.

According to Baba Vanga, more earthquakes and tsunamis are on the cards as well as ‘intense bouts of floods’ in Australia and parts of Asia.

Meanwhile, many cities will be hit by water shortages with political consequences as countries are forced to find alternatives, according to her forecast.

She also predicted famine in India where temperatures will supposedly reach 50 degrees causing locusts to attack crops.

There’s not much hope when turning to Nostradamus, as he predicted rising sea temperatures way back in 1555.

“Like the sun the head shall sear the shining sea:

The Black Sea’s living fish shall all but boil.

When Rhodes and Genoa

Half-starved shall be

The local folk to cut them up shall toil.”

Blobal temperatures continue to climb – with sea levels rise and food chain complications already starting to become apparent.

Is 2022 going to be the year in which temperatures reach breaking point?


If bills seem high this Christmas then brace yourselves – another big spike is coming in April 2022


Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A worldwide pandemic, political instability and political instability have all contributed to an inflation boom in recent years.

In 2022 we can expect to see tax hikes, energy bill increases and less money in our pockets.

Another warning Nostradamus issued is about the rising prices in a failing economy and even a hint of cannibalism.

Nostradamus stated:

“No abbots, monks, no novices to learn;

Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax”

“So high the price of wheat,

That man is stirred

His fellow man to eat in his despair”

That doesn’t sound too appealing.

Alien invasion

Baba Vanga predicts an alien invasion in 2022


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2022 could be the year where we are finally visited by extraterrestrials, but will they be friendly?

If books, films and TV shows are to be believed then we had better be prepared.

Most scenarios end up with humans having to fight off an attack from beings from another planet.

Baba Vanga believed that this will be the years aliens invade the planet by sending an asteroid to seek out life on Earth with an unfriendly outcome.

It sounds exactly like the plot of War of the Worlds, which is definitely not a good thing.

Let’s hope this is one prediction she got very wrong.

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