Montero: “These budgets will not be the last”

The Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, has ensured that General State Budgets for 2022 that were approved this Thursday in Congress “are the best ”from the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, “But they will not be the last” because “It is going to exhaust the legislature.”

This is how Montero has pronounced himself in an interview in La Hora de la 1 of TVE, where he stressed that, “in fact, the president, from the first day when the Budgets for 2022 were practically approved,” “I was already doing the custom homework for the following”.

“He wants to work to have budgets in 2022 and, although some formations have transferred that these would be the last, I want to deny it. My intention is to create new public accounts because the President of the Government is going to exhaust the legislature ”, he had an impact.

Montero stressed that “the important thing is to get all the juice” from the accounts that have just been approved and that give “stability” to the country with an “economic injection” that will open opportunities and “continue to protect the business fabric”, as well as give more opportunities to young people.

He says that EH-Bildu is not a priority partner: “Not much less”

Asked if she feels comfortable with the pacts that the Government has reached to carry them out, she replied: “We feel comfortable that there are some Budgets with that support and that it will allow us to build a country project for next year ”.

He has ensured that the obligation of the Executive has been to “present alliances” to other formations “before the negative of the right block, that at no time have they wanted to agree on the accounts or have wanted to sit down and talk ”.

Either way, has denied that EH-Bildu (whose support for the accounts and whose pacts with the Government have been highly criticized by the right wing) be “a priority partner”. “I would not say that it is a priority partner, not much less “, has assured. “Yesterday the spokeswoman said that she did not like this expression and I am not going to use it.”

By cons, highlighted the key alliance with the PNV. “In the Government we always start by agreeing with the PNV, which is the political formation that guarantees stability of the government since the first day”. Then, the Government “always opens the door for the more formations to join the better”: “But, for us, the first formation with which we always dialogue is with the PNV and we plan to continue doing so in the future.”

It has stood out from the jeltzale formation that “It is a very professional training in terms of negotiation”, have a “very long experience” and, although “they are not easy interlocutors, it is always a pleasure to agree with a training that It is legal and that, once an agreement is reached, it complies with it entirely”. In turn, he pointed out that the issues that the PNV puts on the table not only “benefit the Basque Country” but also “Contribute to the general interest”. “Always it is learning to agree with the PNV, I hope that relations, which have always been fluid, cordial and kind, will continue to be so in the future ”.

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