Monreal warns of an “early war” in the Government and in Morena due to the succession of López Obrador

The head of the Senate Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal, last September in the upper house.
The head of the Senate Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal, last September in the upper house.Gladys serrano

2022 begins, there are still two and a half years left for the next presidential elections, but the entire political debate gravitates around the succession of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The pre-campaign began months ago, in an increasingly less concealed way, and the Government and Morena, the party that supports it, are on the way to waging a war of positions. The consequences of the replacement of the president are mainly internal, but they will also determine in a good way the movements of the entire board. And the climate of tension is already palpable. One of the heavyweights of the ruling party, Senator Ricardo Monreal, has warned this Sunday against an “early war” and a “political dispute” in the ranks of his formation and in the Executive. For the veteran leader, who on several occasions has expressed his desire to run for the presidency, one of the reasons why revolutions fail is the “insurmountable confrontations” at the top.

The head of the Senate Political Coordination Board has again intervened in the discussion through an article entitled Early succession, early war, the first of a series of three installments with which, he assures, pretending “to contribute to an orderly and honest debate”. The text, published on his blog, reviews the risks of internal conflicts through quotes and historical references ranging from Karl Marx to the assassination of Emiliano Zapata, Robespierre’s post-revolutionary France, the Stalinist purges and even the You also attributed to Julius Caesar. The reflection, in short, is about conspiracies and talks about the climate that Morena is going through, which has been mired in a maze of names, pre-candidates, supposed favorites and election methods for some time. Monreal is, along with the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, and Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, one of the best positioned to succeed the president.

“The haste in the race for the presidential succession has caused an unexpected political dispute to begin within the Government, its allies and Morena, the party that brought the president to power in 2018,” the politician wrote before launching a warning. “History shows us that the great revolutions, most of which have been violent, at best are interrupted and, at worst, collapse, because those who carried them out were unable to uphold principles and democratically renew leaderships. of their movements, without neglecting that, due to internal quarrels that could well be settled, they generated insurmountable confrontations and institutional collapse in the project ”.

What Monreal seeks to demonstrate is, deep down, the importance of not repeating history to avoid self-destruction. “We have just crossed the threshold of the first three years of the new Government; The main objective of those of us who support Q4 should be to deepen institutional changes, achieve political transition and regime change, as well as ensure that the political-electoral system is neutral, honest and in better conditions than we faced in 2018 ″ Says the senator, who, for example, has always opted for a primary election against the criteria of another sector, led by López Obrador himself, who wants a poll. In addition, he believes that “with each passing day, the evidence of internal disagreements, far from diminishing, increases, and it seems that history is about to repeat itself.”

In Morena, where the questions of some currents against its national leader, Mario Delgado, are growing, succession is the crucial issue to move towards 2024 and also to face the second part of the mandate that has just reached its halfway point. With the president’s permission, last summer the main faces of the line-up began to line up. López Obrador himself has even played on occasion to put notes on the names that sound the most, although highlighting that they are all friends, colleagues and committed to the so-called Fourth Transformation.

Monreal, however, is concerned about the internal tensions and the atmosphere that is breathed. So much so that in his article he comes to remember what happened during the conquest. “If Hernán Cortés was able to advance with a handful of men in the territory dominated by Moctezuma, it was precisely because of the inability of the Mexican ruler to resolve existing internal conflicts with other groups, such as the Tlaxcalans,” he writes.

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