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Ukrainian soldiers say Russian soldiers have abandoned several pieces of weaponry, including a tank which they took for a joyride in a snowy field near the city of Kharkiv

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Kharkiv: Local Territorial Defense Forces capture Russian tank

A group of Ukrainian friends shared a video of them seemingly taking a joyride on an abandoned Russian tank through a muddy field.

The viral clip shared online shared the laughing men atop the speeding 7-80BVM armored vehicle near under-siege Kharkiv, the country’s second largest city.

They are heard shouting “we did it” and “glory to Ukraine” as the tank rumbles over the snowy field.

The video is a rare moment of hilarity shared from the country in the last week since the brutal invasion by Russia, leaving thousands dead, including children.

The tank is among several pieces of Russian weaponry found by Ukrainian soldiers.

They claim to have also found trucks and missile launchers abandoned outside cities.

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The men say the tank was abandoned



The friends were seen laughing as they took the tank for a joyride through a field



Earlier this week a Russian tank crew were left stranded at the side of the road when they ran out of fuel – before a Ukrainian driver stopped to jokingly offer them a lift home.

Multiple videos showing ill-prepared military units ‘out of fuel’ have been circulating online and in one video a nationalist decided to make the most of the opportunity, as The Express reports .

In one video the man approaches and rolls down his window before asking what the soldiers were doing – and the Russian troops replied: “Waiting for diesel.”

The driver then mocks the soldiers, saying he would love to help and offers: “I can tug you back to Russia !”

The Russian troops can be seen next to a large tank, with another abandoned tank spotted further down the road.

A destroyed tank at the side of the road in the Lugansk region of Ukraine


AFP via Getty Images)

When the driver asks where the troops are headed the Russians admit that they don’t know.

Kharkiv, in the east of the country, and capital Kyiv have experienced heavy shelling in recent days as Russian forces picked up the severity of attacks on the city.

It comes as British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said earlier today Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed thermobaric weapons systems in Ukraine.

Downing Street is worried about how widely they could be used.

Speaking during a visit to Estonia, Mr Wallace said: “How far (Putin) will go, what weapons he will authorize to achieve his ultimate aim, is unknown but we’ve seen the use of massive amounts of artillery.

“We’ve seen the deployment of thermobaric artillery weapon systems and we worry how broad those could go.”

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