Mom Defends Kidnapper’s Son Who Left Her Ex Paralyzed After Lying In Court For Him


A mother has spoken out in defense of her convicted son who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and left her paralyzed, claiming “he’s not a bad boy.”

Katherine Norris was criticized by a judge for lying to police and a court after her son Chay Bowskill’s failed kidnapping attempt on Angel Lynn caused her brain damage.

Ms Norris had tried to retract a statement he made to authorities after Bowskill was arrested, and the court played a recording of him calling her angrily from jail to change what he had told police.

Judge Timothy Spencer QC described Bowskill as “vile” before sentencing him to seven and a half years in prison for kidnapping and coercive behaviour, The Mirror reports.

The 20-year-old was filmed carrying her partner Angel, 19, through a busy street before throwing her into the back of a van.

The vehicle then accelerated and the victim fell onto the A6 at Loughborough, Leicestershire at 60mph.

She was left with injuries so catastrophic that doctors initially told her parents she would not survive.

Angel fought bravely for her life, but she can no longer walk, talk or feed herself and will require 24/7 care for the rest of her life.

Mrs Norris, 58, a single mother of four, told The Sun of her “devastation” at Angel’s life-changing injuries and how her “heart goes out to her and her family”, whom she says she loves. apologize.

Angel fell out of the truck while driving at 60 mph.
Angel fell out of the truck while driving at 60 mph.

She said, “My son is not a bad boy, but he is not a saint.”

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“What happened to her has destroyed me. It’s horrible, absolutely tragic, a terrible thing and I’m devastated.”

“But no one will know what really happened that day other than Angel and because of his injuries, he may never know.”

Referring to Bowskill, he went on to say, “I can’t blame my son for his injuries. I need to protect him and support him.”

She claimed that despite being “branded as an evil kidnapper”, her son took Angel to “protect her, not hurt her”, arguing that his sentence is “too long”.

Speaking during the sentencing hearing, the Daily Mail reports Judge Spencer told Bowskill: “Your mother comes out of this with no credit; it was disgraceful conduct for her to give lying testimony in court about Angel and the police.”

“You should be ashamed of your vile and demeaning conduct towards your mother, trying to get her to perjure herself, because it was you who brought her to this low point.”

The court had previously heard that Ms Norris made a police statement on the night of the incident which she later repeatedly tried to withdraw, because she said she had been drinking heavily, Leicestershire Live reports.

He said he consumed two bottles of Lambrini, causing him to make false comments about his son, which he later did not remember and regretted.

Angel Lynn was left with brain damage from the kidnapping.
Angel Lynn was left with brain damage from the kidnapping.

He claimed that the police “took advantage” of his vulnerable position “on the worst day of my life”.

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The jury heard audio recordings of Bowskill yelling and cursing at his mother over the phone from his pretrial detention, berating her for making a statement against him, describing him as “controlling” with his girlfriend.

He ordered her to retract the statement and blame it on the drinking, which she told him she was trying to do.

She told the court that her son and Angel were in a “toxic relationship” and should not have stayed together.

Bully Bowskill sent Angel control messages and even tried to impose a curfew on her during their year-long relationship.

His parents, Nikki and Patrick, criticized the “unduly lenient” prison sentence imposed on the defendant.

He will serve only half of his term in custody and, due to the time he has already served in pre-trial detention, could be released as early as June 2024.

Angel’s mother, Nikki, 47, said: “It infuriates me. What kind of message does it send to monsters like him?

“You can go back to trying to ruin other women’s lives while my daughter is trapped forever.”

Video footage captured Bowskill putting Angel into the truck.
Video footage captured Bowskill putting Angel into the truck.

Patrick, 53, said he could never forgive Bowskill, adding: “He stole everything from Angel and paid a very small price with that sentence.”

Attorney General Suella Braverman has reportedly confirmed that a complaint has been filed regarding Bowskill’s sentence.

It will now be reviewed and the legal chief will decide whether to refer it to the Court of Appeals.

Kidnapping can carry a life sentence, but currently has no sentencing guidelines.

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Nikki and Patrick, both cleaners, face a lifetime of care bills costing tens of thousands a year.

Nikki, a mother of six, said she “felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest” after doctors told her Angel would die.

Angel was found lying in the driveway near her home following the incident on September 27, 2020.

The judge said if Bowskill hadn’t abducted her and placed her in the van, “she wouldn’t have sustained those devastating injuries.”

Bowskill and his friend Rocco Sansome, 20, were cleared of grievous bodily harm after they said Angel jumped out of the truck voluntarily.

Sansome, from Loughborough, was found guilty of kidnapping and sentenced to 21 months in jail.

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