Mock crocs – comfortably cool or fashion faux pas? I tried a £5.25 pair to find out – Bethan Shufflebotham

Crocs are the epitome of a marmite shoe – you either love them or hate them. I also feel like they appeal more to people whose jobs see them on their feet all day – for example, my dog ​​groomer and beautician both love a pair of Crocs.

They’re undeniably comfortable, which is likely why they’re so popular, but they’re also pretty practical too, with a wipe-clean surface and those ‘four-wheel-drive’ straps for security. But they’re clearly doing something right with so many brands willing to sell their own version of the rubberised footwear. But are they comfortably cool or a fashion faux pas?

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To find out, I ordered a pair of rubberised slingback croc dupes from Everything5Pounds, where a pair of pink slip-on shoes set me back £5.25 . Crocs range anywhere from £20 to £60 so these budget dupes are a real bargain in comparison.

In fact, you could buy four pairs of the dupes for a similar price to one pair of original crocs .

What’s more is that they come in a range of colours, including blue, orange and lilac, or black and cream for a slightly more versatile palette.

Cool? No. Comfortable? absolutely

The main difference I noticed with the faux crocs was that these ones don’t feature holes on the top of the shoe to allow for breathability, which made me worry my feet were going to sweat. The strap is also fixed, unlike Crocs where the strap is moveable, meaning they were constantly in their ‘go faster’ style, but meant they didn’t fall off your feet either.

I was pretty pleased to see a wide size range though, as these can be limited on the fashion retailers site. Options were available for sizes three to eight, so I ordered my usual size five as the site suggested they were a standard fit.

When they arrived, they were boxed and wrapped with tissue, with stuffing inside the shoe to keep their shape, which I thought was a lot of effort for the low price.

I headed to my wardrobe in an attempt to find something that would match my new footwear, and picked out a vintage maxi dress which featured a similar shade of pink. I’d typically wear a pair of white trainers with this look, or for a more dressed up outfit, I’d opt for a white boot or mule.

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I swapped my sneakers for slingbacks and stepped out into the garden to earn a ‘whit-woo’ from my parents. That was, until they spotted my kicks and reacted as I would have in middle school – with a giggle and ‘what are those?’

It was safe to say that I wasn’t exactly donning what’s considered the height of fashion, but you know what? They were darn comfortable. They do squeak a little when you walk – particularly on laminate flooring – but I could ignore that for the sake of feeling like I’m walking on clouds.

The longer you look at the unusually smooth shoes, the less bizarre they become, and after a while, I actually grew quite fond of them, however, my feet were starting to feel a little warm.

I eventually came to the conclusion that the mock crocs were extremely comfortable to wear, but only for a short period of time, best reserved for duties like gardening, picking up the dog poo, or mowing the lawn.

Whether or not they’re cool has divided shoppers on social media, with one saying: “You would have to pay me to wear them.”

rubberised slingback crocs

Rubberised slingback crocs for £5.25 at Everything5Pounds available in an array of colors

From £



“Wouldn’t even give you 5p for them,” wrote another, as a third added ‘yuck’.

One shopper was concerned about the lack of air holes, writing: “No air holes imagine how much your feet would sweat in these.” – which I can confirm, is quite a bit.

But others were quick to defend the shoe, writing: “Great for hospital nurses and porters on their feet all day.”

Another said: “See if they do them in black for work!”

My conclusion? mock crocs are a total fashion faux pas and there’s no outfit in the world – or at least my wardrobe – that could make them look cool. However, their comfort and practicality is unmatched, so I’ll be secretly wearing them around the house and in the garden, and kicking them off to open the door to the postman.

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