Mitxel Lakuntza, reelected general secretary of ELA with the support of 90% of the voters



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The assembled delegates approved by acclamation the Presentation that sets out the union’s strategic lines for the next four years. For the first time ELA will have an egalitarian Executive Committee in terms of gender.

False Lakuntza has been re-elected this Thursday as the new secretary general of IS IT OVER THERE with the 90.69% of the votes in favor. The list for the new Executive Committee headed by Lakuntza was the only one that had been presented to this 15th Confederal Congress which was held between Wednesday and Thursday at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.

The result of the vote was 624 votes (90.69%) in favor, 42 against (6.10%), 17 blank and five invalid. In addition, the delegates gathered have approved by acclamation the Presentation that sets out the union’s strategic lines for the next four years.

Among the novelties that the elected Executive Committee collects, is the inclusion of three new members who join it: Alazne Mantxola Mintegi (Treasury), Ane Miren Zelaia Arieta-Araunabeña (Unionization. Planning. Strategic plan for gender equality) and Leire Gallego López de Goikoetxea (Social Action. Immigration. Gender equality policies).

Within the continuous process of transformation of the union and as a consequence of this election, for the first time ELA will have a Equal Executive Committee in terms of gender.

In this way, the Executive Committee will become joint and consists of Mitxel Lakuntza Vicario (Secretary General), Amaia Muñoa Capron-Manieux (Deputy Secretary General. International), Amaia Aierbe Beloki (Legal Services), Xabi Anza Olarra (Training. Iparralde ) and Leire Gallego Lopez de Goikoetxea (Social Action. Immigration. Gender equality policies).

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Iván Giménez will be in charge of Communication; Pello Igeregi Santamaria (Collective Bargaining. Occupational Health. Euskara), Alazne Mantxola Mintegi (Treasury), Mikel Noval Fernandez (Social Policies. Office of Studies. Environment), Leire Txakartegi Iramategi (Organization), Joseba Villarreal Olaizola (Union elections. Affiliation) Confederal actions), and Ane Miren Zelaia Arieta-Araunabeña (Unionization. Planning. Strategic plan for gender equality).

Petitions to parties

The reelected general secretary of ELA, Mitxel Lakuntza, has asked to defend strikes and mobilizations “without complexes” because they are “unavoidable” to obtain “positive” labor agreements and put an end to precariousness. He has also affirmed that confrontation “will never be an unpleasant word” for his union because it “politicizes and helps to become aware of who we are and who we have in front of us.”

He pointed out that ELA’s strategic option for the next few years is to make the union “available to the people who are worse off, because precariousness is not a phenomenon in decline. It only recedes when we stop it.”

As reported by the union, the more than 700 people accredited as delegates have approved by acclamation the only resolution presented at the 15th ELA Congress, which requires the repeal of the labor reform.

In the same way, they have asked the parties in the Congress of Deputies in Madrid, PNV, EH Collect and United we can that they vote against the new pension law that will reach the Plenary of the Congress of Deputies on December 2.

The 15th ELA Congress has approved various demands on political parties. Regarding the pensions, They ask that the draft of the Pensions Law be rejected on December 2; to repeal the pension reforms of 2011 and 2013; that guarantee that pensions increase in 2022 the interannual CPI of November 2021 and that a minimum pension of 1080 euros is established.

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On the other hand, they have asked the Basque parties with representation in Congress to repeal the labor reforms of 2010, 2011 and 2012 and that they vote against the validation of the future Decree-Law on labor matters “if the right to decide in Euskal Herria our working conditions is not guaranteed and if the measures to facilitate and lower the cost of dismissal. “

Lakuntza has announced mobilizations as of December 1, “supported by dozens of social organizations, without ruling out massive mobilizations such as the general strike.”

Finally, he recalled that, for the first time in this congress, ELA has taken “a step forward” to defend the model of Republic and accumulate forces towards its achievement.

“We have said that we want to live in a republic, in a state of our own, that guarantees equality between women and men, that places in our hands the full self-government of this country, a Basque republic, that takes care of the environment and, through socialist policies , ensure the well-being for the majority of society “, he concluded his speech.

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