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New war cry

After so many years of being aware of the evolution of the hobby, one, who is believed BernabeulologistMentally anticipate stadium reactions. But this time, the “Militão, Militão, Militão!” chanted by the fans caught me off guard. In the team of Modric, Benzema and Vinicius, who do not have their song, the “Militão!” Prevailed. As my head football philosopher, the Negro Fontanarrosa, “the thing is in the names, in how they sound”. Those of Benzema and Vinicius are as if they slipped on the palate. On the other hand, a name like that of Militão “comes from the very bottom of the sternum”. But collective psychology also influences, and the Madrid defender fills the taste for epics and the need to feel safe in the face of any downpour that characterizes the Santiago Bernabéu. Shout “Militão!” In Tribune language it means to say: “No god passes through here.”

From Vinicius to Jovic

In football you have to let time do its job. A year ago Vinicius’s goal was shortened with each shot, and when Militão made a mistake it was likely that he would immediately commit another three. Today Vinicius is a high-precision weapon that looks like a water polo goal like a rainbow, and as for Militão, he subdues the best strikers in the world with relentless authority. What happened in that time? The normal evolution of good professionals, social adaptation to a new environment and confidence, which is what takes talent to the limit without being afraid of anything. In this we must recognize that Ancelotti knows how to push the button at the right time. We knew that with Carlo the difficult becomes easy. But since he pressed the Jovic button, the feeling is that miracles also seem easy.

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And dreams, dreams are

One of the most attractive moral components of soccer’s moral scaffolding is illusion. Soccer allows hope in any circumstance, because many times it showed us its ability to make the impossible possible. Barça, without going any further, could afford to dream of beating Bayern, a recurring black beast, to escape decline in record time. While waiting for football to perform some of its miracles, it shows underlying arguments that are only cosmetic: downplaying Messi’s dismissal, giving Ansu Fati 10, believing that Xavi has magical properties, trusting that Dembélé’s recovery will make it homogeneous what is scattered … Here too you have to let time do its job, but make no mistake, it will take a lot of work and a lot of time. After losing in Munich, Xavi spoke of a “turning point”, but a lesson, no matter how hard, will not be enough to change course.

My way

The one that did take advantage of a dangerous crossroads to change the course of the season was Atlético, who returned from Porto full of morale. It was a changing match, where the feeling of danger was only offset by the final joy. Atlético’s trajectory did not give much optimism. It was necessary to win, but the Cholo team had not quite found the game or the result, to the point that an always faithful fans began to disbelieve. In addition, very important casualties increased the feeling of weakness. But weakness must be the word that Simeone likes the most, one of those trainers who get along better with scarcity than with abundance, with the condition of victim than with that of executioner, with soldiers before with artists. Nothing we don’t know after 10 years of success.

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