Miguel Ángel Muñoz premieres a documentary about his father: “The values ​​he transmits would deserve to be shared” | Window

Some people went through coronavirus lockdown in a small flat with many people. Others had to live it far from home, alone, or working. The actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz, however, spent confinement in a 35-square-meter apartment with his great-grandmother, his great-grandmother’s sister, who turned 97 years old in November.

The first days consisted of learning to live together. Their relationship had always been very good, he explains, but his father needs help with everything, showering, dressing, cooking… After a week they had adapted to each other, and then the fear of boredom arose. How can you make sure that a then 95-year-old person does not have a bad time locked up at home for so long?

The solution was to make a live video on the actor’s social networks. A relaxed conversation that they could have had in private, but which they decided to broadcast to liven up the afternoon for their followers. They liked the idea, and they decided to make it routine, create a personal account for the tata and take advantage of these broadcasts to do something new and different every day, to avoid boredom.

Currently, Miguel Ángel Muñoz’s great-grandfather has almost 200,000 followers on his Instagram account, and he has received a call from national and international media to tell his story. Although Miguel Ángel was first to tell her story, who had wanted to create a project with her for 10 years. The result is ‘100 days with Tata’, a documentary in which those days of the pandemic are touched, but also the relationship between the two, old age and how to deal with the death of a loved one when it has not yet happened.

Miguel Ángel Muñoz has looked at La Ventana and has told how the project came about: “When I had the need to tell this story, more than ten years ago, it was going to be only for me, for my father and for our people, and I suddenly realized that the values ​​he transmitted were so important that they deserved to be shared with the public ”.

He has received the award for Best Documentary Feature Film at the Forqué Awards, as well as nine nominations for the Goya 2022 Awards, including Best Film and Best New Director, for the actor. “Everything that is happening is a super gift, and the most important thing that I am being able to live it with my father, with health, with joy, and she is also very excited about everything that is being said about the film,” he assured .

One of the things that the documentary deals with is the eventual death of the father, a subject that was never taboo between them: “I face this in my therapy, the first scene of the film is a real therapy session where I talk about this, and I think it is very important to accept it, to assimilate it, to get used to the idea, which does not mean that we are going to be prepared ”.

“I have been trying to prepare for many years and being that I am not, but older people, or in particular my father, live it with great peace, and as a consequence of life. And it is important to know what it is that you want when you leave, I explain it in the documentary because we talked about it a lot in quarantine. She knows how she wants to bury herself, where she wants to be, what she wants me to do. And if one day she is missing before me, at least I will be able to fulfill her last wishes as she and I spoke it in life ”.

‘100 days with the tata’ is already in theaters.


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