Michael Mosley advises ‘cutting’ a particular fruit if you want to lose weight

Eating a certain fruit can actually hinder your weight loss process, according to an expert.

Dr. Michael Mosley, the nutritionist behind a variety of diets including The Fast 800 and 5:2, advised cutting out some foods, including a common fruit, if you want to lose a few pounds.

Experts say that eating bananas isn’t as beneficial as you might think, reports The Express.

In addition to this, Dr. Mosley urges slimmers to include seven or more servings of fruit and vegetables in their daily diet, two more than the NHS guideline of five.

Eating fruits and vegetables is a safe way to fill your body with essential nutrients, but there are some fruits you should be eating less of based on Mosley’s advice.

Bananas are a common favorite fruit.

During a conversation with sbs.com, the diet expert said: “Fruit is great if you’re healthy, but if you have weight to lose, then switching to less sugary fruits like apples and berries might be a good idea.”

For example, mangoes are quite high in natural sugars: an average-sized mango contains 45 grams of sugar.

To put that in comparison to other fruits, a cup of grapes has 23 grams, a cup of raspberries has five grams, while a whole avocado contains 1.33 grams of sugar.

Dr. Michael continued: “If you are young and skinny to be able to get away with [eating sugary fruits] you can’t particularly [consume lots of mangoes or bananas] if you are looking to lose weight.”

To add to this, there are some more generic foods that should be avoided when dieting.

The diet expert said: “Anything you can buy at a gas station that are ultra-processed foods and convenience items that we all know are bad for us but still eat in staggering amounts.

“If it’s heavily marketed, in shiny packaging and full of fat, sugar and salt, it’s likely to affect our health and mood, and not for the better.”

She added: “To avoid temptation, don’t bring the usual suspects home (cookies, chips, and anything made with cheap factory ingredients), or if they’re already lurking in the pantry, throw them in the trash.

“Instead, stock the fridge with fresh, whole ingredients and stock the pantry and freezer with canned and frozen fish, vegetables and legumes.

“Meal replacement shakes also have their place in moderation if you’re particularly busy or travel frequently.”

In terms of snacks, most people would reach for a piece of fruit.

But following Dr. Michael’s advice regarding sugary fruits, he suggests opting for nuts or salt-free vegetables.

“If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then it’s going to take a certain amount of commitment,” he said.

“But you don’t have to suffer. Good food should be a pleasure, and it’s about rediscovering those pleasures.”

At the most basic level, says Dr. Michael, losing weight and pursuing better health is about enjoying food and enjoying life.

“What you eat has a profound effect on your mental health and therefore your energy levels,” he added.

“Once you’ve started the virtuous circle, all other things become much easier.”

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