Met Office Storm Dudley warning – exact places ‘danger to life’ weather could hit

The Met Office has issued a weather warning as 90mph likes of wind will sweep across the UK this week. Here’s what you need to know about the exact places that Storm Dudley will hit

A young girl losing control of her umbrella as she crosses St Augustines Parade in the center of Bristol in heavy rain and strong winds as bad weather moves into the South West of the UK.
The Met Office has warned that Storm Dudley could pose danger to life

Heavy snowfall, rain and gales of wind could cause chaos in several parts of the UK this week.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning over blistering rain and winds that could be a “danger to life”.

The warning is in place for Wednesday, February 16, as extreme weather brought on by Storm Dudley will batter the country.

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan said that winds would be “the primary cause for concern,” adding that the warning had potential to turn amber as it “will bring damaging winds and cause disruption to power networks, ferry crossings and travel.”

Which regions will be affected by Storm Dudley?

Storm Dudley will be most frightening in Strathclyde, Yorkshire, the North West and East of England, and parts of South West Scotland.



The yellow weather warning from February 16 covers all of the UK apart from parts of the Midlands, and the entirety of southern England and Wales.

The storm will be most frightening in Strathclyde, Yorkshire, North West and East England, and parts of South West Scotland.

The warning says: “A period of very strong winds could cause some disruption later Wednesday and during Thursday.”

Meanwhile, there is also a yellow weather warning in place today, Monday February 16, in the south of England. A warning for rain is also in place for much of Wales until 6pm.

Temperatures will begin to dip close to freezing in eastern and south-eastern England today, with pouring rain making things more miserable.

Brutal weather consisting of strong wales, snow and freezing rain will batter northern England and Scotland – which will bear the brunt of Storm Dudley – for the next few days.

In terms of the long-range forecast, the Met has warned that the UK could face an unsettled patch of weather towards the end of this week, through the weekend and into next week. The mercury will remain around 6C or 7C for most, but 50mph likes will make it feel markedly colder.

The Met Office’s Chief Meteorologist Steve Ramsdale explained that the new area of ​​low pressure, which arrived on Saturday night, will bring wet and windy weather to the country.

Things could briefly improve on Monday night, he said.

“As the system pulls away from the UK there will be another short lived, colder and more settled spell Monday night with one or two wintry showers possible over high ground in Scotland and perhaps a frost elsewhere.”

How dangerous will Storm Dudley be?

The wild weather could whip up debris and damage trees, which could pose a danger to life


Tom Bowles/Story Picture Agency)

Brits have been warned that road, rail, air and ferry services could be affected by the turbulent winds brought on by Storm Dudley.

Roads and bridge could close with increased chances of injuries and danger to life from flying debris due to the 90mph westerly winds

There are also fears that the wild weather could whip up wheelie bins. These bins weigh anywhere between 10kg and 50kg and could be potentially dangerous if they’re lifted up by powerful winds.

According to bin expert Mark Hall: “We’ve all seen videos of bins being blown down the street during storms. But what many people forget is that they’re heavy and can pack a real punch if they hit anything.

“Despite their weight, in gale-force winds gusting up to 50mph those harmless bins become mini missiles.”

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