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The new Alavés coach has been working with the team since Tuesday. The Vitoria club reached a separation agreement with Calleja and that circumstance opened the door to the new tenant of the bench. After 1:25 p.m., he appeared before the media in the Mendizorroza press room. In fact, by then he had already completed the second session leading the team.

“El Glorioso is a club that has been on the crest of Spanish football for a long time. Over time, you want to train, you are watching football and I am very happy for the opportunity Deportivo Alavés has given me. We want the fans to Enjoy coming to Mendizorroza. You have to train hard and convince the players that they are capable of taking this forward, “he said. On the squad he commented that” it’s good, we have players to get out of the situation we are in. Sometimes has been higher but the normal thing is to occupy positions in the middle of the table down. I think we can achieve salvation and that is why we have come. Today I am happier than yesterday. I see that there are ways to work well, to come day by day and make the goal possible. “

Regarding his contribution, he assured that “you have your idea and we all try to get the players to adapt. I will see in training if they believe in our philosophy, be aggressive, play in the opposite field. What happens is that some players do it to you. They catch faster and others don’t. It was not difficult for us to make the decision to come. We have detected the desire of the club to count on me and, from the first talk, it has counted a lot. This is a club with history, it is big and Many coaches are looking forward to coming. “

Mendilibar acknowledged that “it is not the first time that it is proposed that I come to Vitoria. On other occasions the circumstances or conditions were not met but, in this case, it has turned out well.” Regarding the winter reinforcements, he assured that “if people enter there will be others who have to leave. We will see what we want to reinforce and we will talk about the needs.” The first clash will be on Sunday against Real, a team with which Mendi is very sympathetic. “Yes, it is true. Since you were a child you have joined a team and La Real has always been familiar to me and it is a coincidence that we start this stage against them. You can change cars or even women but what is very difficult is that one I changed teams since you became fond of it as a child, “he reflected.

Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz, president, said that “I wanted to publicly thank Javi Calleja and his team for their involvement and their work. We wish them the best of luck in their next destination. We are proud to be able to count on Mendi and we get to your willingness for everything you need. The fact that you accept this challenge is a reason for satisfaction for us “.

Sergio Fernández, Sports Director, added that “the person of Mendilibar inspires us with encouragement and enthusiasm. Hopefully this project will be successful and long-lasting. We will surely achieve the objectives and will continue with us for a long time. I also want to express my gratitude for the coaching staff that He has accompanied us so far and, for whatever reason, things have not turned out as we expected. “

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