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On the other hand, just before leaving the witness in the hands of Eneko Andueza, he recalled “all the victims of terror and human rights violations.”


The leader of the PSE-EE, Idoia Mendia, who this weekend gives up her position to the new secretary general of the Basque Socialists, Eneko Andueza, has said goodbye to the leadership this Saturday “proud” of leaving a “decisive” party, with some approaches known to all citizens and firm in defending their positions on self-government and coexistence after the end of ETA.

Mendia has intervened this morning in the IX Congress of the PSE-EE which takes place throughout the weekend at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao under the slogan “A new beginning. Hasiera berri bat”, with the participation of more than 350 delegates from the three territories and the Socialist Youth of Euskadi.

The congressional appointment marks the beginning of a new stage in the party after the election of Eneko Andueza as secretary general of the PSE-EE in primaries on October 30 with 95.30% of the votes of the socialist militancy against the other candidate who chose to lead the party, Soraya Morla, who obtained 4.28%.

The ninth congress of the PSE-EE has approved this Saturday the management report of the Executive Commission of Idoia Mendia with a 99.4% of favorable votes.

The Second Vice-Lehendakari and Minister of Labor and Employment has stressed that in these years they have managed to have a speech “coherent and clear that reaches all possible places “.

“Today everyone is clear about our positions in all areas. Those who vote for us and those who do not know it. It is a space of respect, where we continue working to broaden our space, but with an added factor, with value that we have recovered: confidence in ourselves, and credibility with society as a whole “, he congratulated himself.

In his opinion, the PSE-EE has managed to “have a decisive position, be the spine all decisions go through “in Euskadi.

“It is the task that I set myself as secretary general and it is the base camp for the new project that Eneko Andueza will lead as of tomorrow, with free hands and with his trusted team as I had,” he commented.

“Seal of the Socialists”

On the other hand, he stressed that “the project in the Basque Country today bears the stamp of the socialists” and has stressed that, thanks to the socialists, it has been known to “make those who constantly challenge coexistence and the rule of law desist” , in contrast to the situation experienced in Catalonia.

“There is no decision in Spain and the Basque Country that does not necessarily have to go through the socialists”

He has affirmed that there is a Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez in the State “for a while” and has stressed that “there is no decision in Spain and Euskadi that does not necessarily have to go through the socialists.”

After seven years in command of the Basque Socialists, the also Second Vice-Lehendakari and Minister of Labor and Employment, has given an account of the management carried out in recent years by the current Executive.

“This is where the new roadmap must come from. The mandate that we are closing has been plagued with electoral appointments, each with more support“, he valued, while highlighting that, in the last regional elections, the PSE-EE rose in votes while the Basque Government was part of a coalition with the PNV.

Victims of all violence

Mendia has recalled “all the victims of terror and human rights violations” and has repudiated “the annihilation of the different.” “If we had achieved the definitive cessation of ETA ten years ago, three years ago, before the definitive dissolution, we wanted the center of attention not to be placed on the perpetrators, but on their victims. Today too,” he described.

The outgoing secretary general has denounced the “profound injustice of those who wanted to impose a political project by force, and also of those who took refuge for reasons of state, to eliminate a fellow man.”

“In our memory too, Santiago Brouard and Josu Muguruza”

“In our memory, each one of those victims, without exception. In our memory, each and every one of our colleagues … On this November 20, in our memory as well, Santiago Brouard and Josu Muguruza, vile and unjustly murdered on this date for defending some ideas, and José Benito Sánchez and Benjamín Sancho, vile and unjustly murdered on this day as today for having decided to be policemen, “he stated.

In his opinion, coexistence goes through the “delegitimization of terror and any violation of human rights.” “For not admitting a single excuse and a single political argument that tries to justify murder, kidnapping, persecution or torture,” he said.


Finally, he has defended the work of the PSE in the presentation of self-government and has influenced the bet “federal without nuances, which requires cooperation and loyalty between governments.” Thus, he has warned that if someone wants to count on Basque socialism in a statutory reform, he cannot include proposals that exceed the law or that attempt to change the Constitution through the back door, “he has settled.

CCOO and UGT for social dialogue

The general secretaries of CCOO and UGT, Loli García and Raúl Arza, have defended during the opening of the IX Congress the importance of social dialogue, have thanked the work carried out by the vice president, Idoia Mendia, and have also valued the agreement reached for the reform of the pension system.

The congress is attended by, among others, the presidents of Navarra, Maria Chivite, and from the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, as well as the general secretary of the Socialist Party of Castilla y León (PSCL-PSOE), Luis Tudanca, and the leader of the PSOE in Madrid, Isaura Leal.

It has also been possible to see the Lehendakari, Patxi López, as well as the former Spanish minister Isabel Celaá, together with councilors and former councilors of the Basque Government of the PSE, while it will be tomorrow when the President of the Spanish Government will take the floor, Pedro Sanchez, and Andueza himself.

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