Members of the abertzale left rebuke the mayor of Pamplona

Numerous members of the abertzale left have rebuked the mayor, Enrique Maya, and the councilors of Pamplona during the San Fermin procession. The altercations have caused the fall to the ground of one of the mayors and have left three police officers injured.

The events occurred during the return of the procession in which the municipal corporation accompanied the Cathedral Chapter to the city’s Cathedral. As they passed through Curia street, several people shouted ‘UPN kanpora’ (‘Outside UPN’) and booed the municipal corporation as they passed through this street. In addition, they have thrown an object at the mayor.

According to the president of UPN, Javier Esparza, the Municipal Corporation has suffered “shaking, spitting, throwing liquids and objects, and even in the case of the councilwoman María Echávarri, she has been thrown to the ground”, eroding her knees, as the mayor Enrique Maya has specified.

The Corporation has had to leave the altercation escorted by municipal police officers who have made a cordon around the mayor and the councilors.

Maya has explained that it is not a “gang that has had too much to drink”, but that they were “waiting” for them, since “there were many people” with “lots of banners prepared.” “That is the reality,” he riveted before describing the altercations that occurred today as “authentic fascism”

condemnation of the attacks

After these events, the Board of Spokespersons of the Pamplona City Council has approved, with the votes in favor of NA+ and PSN, the vote against Geroa Bai and the silence of EH Bildu, a statement in the that condemns these attacks on the mayor and councilors of NA+ and PSN and expressed his solidarity with the injured police officers.

Subsequently, EH Bildu lamented the incidents that occurred in the procession and remarked that “aggressions are out of place. One thing is political criticism and another is aggression that, in no way, can be justified”. PSN, for its part, has condemned the attacks and has remarked that “these fascist aggressors will not be able to distort the traditions of Pamplona or impose their positions using violence”. Finally, Geroa Bai has condemned the events and stressed that “all political criticism” must always be carried out “in a peaceful and respectful manner”.

In statements to Europa Press, Maya stated that “many lines have been crossed today.” “This is not throwing water or insulting, they were going for everything,” she pointed out.

In addition, he considers that the one who has to finish clarifying himself is “Bildu because he cannot be outside the fact that a democratic party wants to be lynched and they seem to be happy”, he has censored, specifying that while they are being attacked, Bildu is “Sharing hugs with those people.” “It is evident who is happy with this situation and those of us who are not happy,” she asserted.

Esparza has asked Chivite to reflect

For his part, Esparza considered Thursday’s attacks “absolutely intolerable and inappropriate for a civilized and democratic society.”

Likewise, he has called the PSN and the president of the Government of Navarra, Maria Chivite to “reflect on who they are agreeing with and who they rely on to govern, who are the ones who systematically break coexistence in our community and do not respect anything or anyone.” “The behavior of their partners today should shame them,” he said in a statement.

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