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The company wanted to hold the meeting at the Preco headquarters, while the union representatives wanted to hold it at the Zumarraga plant.


The works council of Arcelor Zumarraga (Gipuzkoa) and the company’s management did not meet this Tuesday, as planned, as both parties did not reach a agreement on the venue of this first meeting of the negotiating table.

Thus, the convening of the first meeting of the negotiating table at the ArcelorMittal plant in Zumarraga has already led to the first disagreement between the parties, who disagreed about the place where the meeting should be held.

The company called on the workers’ representatives to hold a meeting today at 11:00 am.

However, they have explained that the company wanted to hold the meeting in Donostia-San Sebastián, while the union representatives ask that it take place in the same plant in Zumarraga, which “usually” hosts meetings between the social and business parties.

New call

After the failure of this meeting, the company has reconvened the meeting for this Wednesday in the same place: at the Preco headquarters in Donostia-San Sebastián.

The works council insists that the negotiation on the consequences of the “partial cessation of activity” of the plant must be carried out in the factory itself, although has opened the door to meet the company at the Preco next Friday.

The committee is ratified in the “conviction” that the meetings should be held “in the affected workplace” and summons the management to attend the meeting proposed by the workers’ representatives, prior to the summons of the company , at the Zumarraga plant, “where the information meeting that started this process was held.”

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“However, in the case of not accepting the proposal of the previous paragraph (meeting on Wednesday at the Zumarraga plant), we urge you to hold the aforementioned meeting at the territorial headquarters of the Labor Relations Council-Preco next Friday, 1 April, at 12:30 pm “, add the union representatives.


Meanwhile, the workers of the company have concentrated this afternoon chanting the slogan ‘Arcelor ez itxi’ (No to the closure of Arcelor) next to the factory, in a “fluctuating” way, because the plant is in operation, and accompanied by relatives and residents of Zumarraga and Urretxu, since the situation “affects subcontractors, auxiliary companies and the entire region.”

In addition to the weekly rallies on Tuesdays next to the plant, this Friday The workers will once again gather in front of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council in Donostia-San Sebastián and will carry out a 24 hour stoppage.

Previously that same day they will hold an assembly to address a new mobilization calendar.

Cessation of activity and relocations

During the meeting on Tuesday, it was expected that the company executives would transfer to the committee their proposal for the cessation of activity and relocations for the 325 factory workers.

ArcelorMittal has so far not provided specific details of the “partial cessation” and he has argued that until the negotiation process with the workers is completed, it will not be possible to define what is going to materialize.

The works council, for its part, has asked the company to withdraw the measure communicated two weeks ago, that is, the decision of partial closure, as an unequivocal sign that the negotiating attitude “it will be in good faith”.

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