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The President of the Spanish Government has resorted to the diversity of Spain made by Alfonso Alonso before resigning to reproach Pablo Casado for his rejection of the dialogue table.

Pedro Sanchez Y Quim Roast face the first meeting of the negotiating table on Catalonia from antagonistic positions “and while the Spanish Government maintains that what is important is “sit down” to talk, the Generalitat insists on bringing to the table the right of self-determination, amnesty and the “end of repression”.

On the eve of the meeting in Moncloa, the vice president Carmen Calvo has downplayed the profile of the members of the table appointed by the Generalitat of Catalonia, among which there are people who are not members of the Catalan Government and even one investigated by the referendum of October 1.

The important thing is to sit“, has settled Calvo, who has ensured that it is not a requirement for this dialogue that both delegations be” equal “and has valued that they are headed by both presidents, Pedro Sánchez and Quim Torra.

The vice president has insisted that it be part of antagonistic positions “ because the coalition government between the PSOE and United We Can is the “antithesis” of the pro-independence positions.

Despite this, and on the eve of the meeting, Sánchez himself has sent a message to his ERC partners so that support upcoming budgets so that the State can pay off the debt accumulated both with Catalonia and with other autonomous communities.

“This government wants comply with Catalonia, as it wants to fulfill with each and every one of the towns of Spain. All we ask is that they let us comply. Then they will be able to reproach us if we have complied or not, “assured the chief executive in the Senate.

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From the Generalitat, the government spokeswoman, Meritxell Budó, has guaranteed that both JxCat and ERC come to the table with “unity of action” and without trying to carry out “two negotiations in parallel.”

Budó has advanced, yes, that the delegation that Torra will lead will propose his recipe to solve the Catalan conflict: exercise of “right of self-determination“, amnesty for those indicted by the procés and” end of the repression “.

The Catalan delegation will also try to get the incorporation into the dialogue of the figure of the “mediator” and of the “political prisoners and exiles” at the negotiating table.

As the Government has already advanced, the Generalitat does not expect that this first meeting will leave big deals, but he hopes that, if there is a “will for dialogue”, it will be possible to set a schedule that it serves, in the future, to channel the “political conflict” between the Government and the Generalitat.

For its part, Pablo Iglesias, the second vice president of the Government, will not be able to attend to the constitution of the dialogue table since he is resting due to severe tonsillitis, although he has asked for the ability to “empathy“to the members of the table.

In line with the advance by Carmen Calvo, the leader of Podemos has claimed respect with the delegation that each party has designated and has advanced that the task of the table “is going to be long” and that its members will have to use themselves “thoroughly for a long time” to “propose solutions” to a conflict that has done much damage to both Catalonia and the rest. from Spain.

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Sánchez resorts to defending diversity

The President of the Spanish Government has resorted to the diversity of Spain what the former president of the Basque PP Alfonso Alonso did before resigning this Monday to confront the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, his rejection of the dialogue table with Catalonia that will be constituted this afternoon.

Sánchez has responded like this in the Plenary of Congress to Casado, who had asked him not to call dialogue to what is a “humiliation.” In his opinion, with that meeting in Moncloa with “appearance of state summit“With the Catalan Government chaired by Torra, the” cutting of national sovereignty, interterritorial solidarity and equality among Spaniards “is inaugurated.

Casado has criticized that Sánchez agrees to sit with a “disabled“like Torra and with a” accused of organizing a coup against the state, “alluding to ERC leader José María Jové.

“And all this with many yellow bows and no red lines, opening the focus to self-determination, the pardon of criminals, the fiscal pact and who knows if the single bankrupt Social Security fund as it has already auctioned with the PNV, dividing the elderly into first and second class pensioners “, has indicated.

Sánchez has replied that he had “illusions” of leaving the “loop” of Venezuela and Catalonia in which the PP is, and has snapped at Casado that “today Spain is more unequal unfortunately“with” social, gender, territorial and intergenerational gaps “after the” cuts “by Mariano Rajoy.

Next, Sánchez has opted for territorial dialogue with the autonomous communities after the PP had produced “two illegal referendums, a unilateral declaration of independence and the number of independentists multiplied by four” in Catalonia.

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PP and CUP express their reluctance

The spokeswoman for the popular parliamentary group, Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo, has denounced that what the dialogue table is looking for is “whitewash criminals and the government“and has asked that it be called off for being an” affront to the Constitution and the constitutionalists of Catalonia.

From the PP of Catalonia, the leader of the PPC, Alejandro Fernandez, has questioned that the table will have any use and considers that it will be a mere “instrument” at the service of the electoral war between the two partners of the Government, JxCat and ERC.

Neither do the independentists of the CUP trust that this Wednesday’s meeting in Moncloa will be of much use. The CUP is convinced that it will not lead Catalonia “to a scenario that puts an end to the repression of the State” against the Catalan independence movement and leads to amnesty for all “political reprisals.”

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