Meeting between Sánchez and Torra in Catalonia on February 6, 2020




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Torra has asked “to avoid false expectations” and has reaffirmed that the root of the conflict lies in self-determination and repression, where the Spanish president perceives remoteness.


Greeting between Quim Torra and Pedro Sánchez

The head of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has accepted the proposal made by the socialist leader to set up the dialogue table on the “political conflict” this same month of February.

At the press conference at the Palau de la Generalitat at the end of the interview between the two, Sánchez has offered to lead the delegation of the Spanish Executive in the first constitutive meeting of the table, but has not been able to advance who will integrate it.

The hour-and-a-half conversation held between the two this Thursday exceeds the initial expectations that the Government had about it, given that, as sources from the Executive were in charge of indicating this week, they did not expect that the date of the start of work could even close. of the dialogue table.

Sánchez has categorically refused to incorporate the controversial figure of the mediator at that negotiating table, as Junts per Catalunya suggests, not considering it necessary, since the Spanish Government will participate with the will to establish a “frank and transparent dialogue” and undertakes to make known to the “47 million Spaniards” the agreements they reach.

He has also confirmed that Torra has raised in the meeting the will of the independence movement to exercise the right of self-determination and has demanded amnesty for the leaders imprisoned by the ‘procés’. For the Spanish president, this shows how “disparate” are the starting positions of both parties, being the position defended by the Spanish Executive to deepen the Catalan self-government, because in his opinion “brings together more Catalans and better represents the plurality of Catalan society “.

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In his document of proposals, Sánchez also undertakes to study the proposals of the Generalitat for a greater financial and tax autonomy but it links them to the requests that the Government can make in the Council for Fiscal and Financial Policy (which brings together the central Government with all the Autonomous Communities) in order to draw up a new autonomous financing system.

Torra asks to avoid “false expectations”

The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, for his part, has asked to avoid generating “false expectations” with the dialogue table.

Torra has appeared before the media, after the President of the Government, and has stressed that this dialogue table must address two issues that are at “the root of the political conflict”, and which are, he said, the “exercise of the right to freedom of self determination“and the” end of repression. “

“Regarding self-determination, it has been transferred to me that ‘self-government within the Constitution’ and I have not had an answer on the end of repression“, Torra explained.

Although Sánchez has limited himself to expressing his will to preside over the first meeting in February, Torra has gone further and defended that the two presidents should be the captains of all the meetings of the aforementioned negotiating table.

In the hour and a half that the appointment has lasted, Torra has transferred to Sánchez the need to “recognize” the independence leaders “prisoners and exiles” in the dialogue, as he has stressed that the independence movement is much more than the parties that make up the Government.

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In this sense, the Catalan president has announced that he will convene a meeting with the different actors of the Catalan independence movement to explain to them how the meeting with Sánchez has gone and to also convey the document of proposals that the president has given him, in order to agree on a strategy “unitary”.


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