Medina and Luceño acknowledged before the prosecutor that they hid their commissions

Businessmen Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño defended in April 2021 before the Prosecutor’s Office the millionaire commissions they obtained through the sale of medical supplies to the Madrid City Council during the first wave of the pandemic, although they recognized that they were hidden from the Consistory.

The summary of the investigation includes the statements that the two businessmen, accused of aggravated fraud, false documents and money laundering. During his interrogation, Luceño denied having informed the City Council about the commissions that, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, would amount to six million euros.

For his part, Luis Medina presented himself as a mere facilitator and assured that it was his partner who conducted the negotiations and profit sharing. “He told me: Luis, don’t worry, when we close it I’ll tell you what’s up to you. And then at a given moment he tells me, look, it’s up to you 900,000,” he told the prosecutor.

It was divided into thirds: a third for me, for him and for the Malaysian company. That’s what I knew. Yesterday afternoon I found out what this man took,” he added. His partner took a total of five million dollars compared to Medina’s million. Given this, Luceño justified himself by arguing that the commissions were not put by him, but by the company saleswoman, and that was 45%.

At the beginning of the interrogation, prosecutor Rodríguez Sol asked Medina how his relationship with Luceño arose, to which he explained that he knows him from international trade operations. “He tells me that he has direct access to factories in China and He asks me if I know of any clients (…) He calls me and tells me that he was going to take care of everything,” he said.

According to Luceño, his commercial relationship with the Asian supplier dates back and to try to prove it, he provides documents that, according to Anticorruption, are false, since neither the dates nor the signatures match.

Medina: “I have no relationship with Almeida”

To questions about who he spoke with from the Madrid City Council, Medina explained that the director of his old university passed him a contact, who told him that he knows the mayor’s cousin, Carlos Martínez-Almeida. The complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office states that Medina was the person who contacted the Consistory, taking advantage of his status as a public figure and “his friendship” with familiar saying.

“Did you speak with the mayor?” asked the prosecutor, to which Medina replies that he does not remember if he called or wrote, but that he limited himself to thanking him. “That’s it. I haven’t spoken again. I have no relationship with him“, he insists.

On April 25, Judge Adolfo Carretero plans to take a statement from Medina and Luceño for their involvement in this alleged scam against the Madrid City Council, which spent nearly 10.8 million euros on the purchase of masks, gloves and anticovid tests. , material that was mostly “defective”.

Almeida questions that the Prosecutor’s Office only investigates Madrid contracts

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, questioned this Friday that The Attorney General’s Office only investigates the emergency contracts of the City Council and the Community of Madrid and “not the thousands of contracts signed by other public administrations” during the most difficult moments of the pandemic.

Almeida, on the case of the masks: “We do not file a complaint because we do not pay a single euro to the commission agents” we do not pay a single euro to the commission agents”

This was stated when asked about the decision of the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, to extend the investigation of the emergency contracts of the Madrid City Council by Anticorruption for another year, when Delgado learned of the investigations in November past, as published The confidential.

“Is the Prosecutor’s Office really not going to investigate any other administration, any government that is not from the PP, that is not from the Community of Madrid, the Madrid City Council?”, he asked.

He added that, after 17 months of investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office itself “says that Madrid City Council bears no responsibility, which exonerates the City Council or anyone who works for it from any type of irregularity. And yet, the left decides that the Prosecutor’s Office must be ignored,” adds Almeida.

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