Mean Girls’ Caroline Krafft star looks unrecognizable 18 years after hit film


Canadian actress Clare Preuss played Marymount Prep Mathlete Caroline Krafft in the 2004 iconic coming-of-age film Mean Girls, but 18 years later even the most loyal fans might not recognize her from her latest Instagram snaps

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Lindsay Lohan and her Mean Girls co-stars recreate iconic scene

Mean Girls actress Clare Preuss doesn’t look anything like her Mathletes character Caroline Krafft in real life.

The infamous teen comedy, which came out in 2004, described whizz Krafft as someone who “seriously needed math to pluck her eyebrows, her outfit looked like it was picked out by a blind Sunday school teacher, and she had some 99-cent lip gloss on her snaggletooth.”

Well, that’s according to leading lady Cady Heron, played by Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan, who faces off against Caroline during a school-against-school math quiz.

At roughly 16 years of age in the iconic film, Caroline Kraft was given messy shoulder-length hair, thick overgrown eyebrows and even a small mustache. Somewhat stereotypically she was also given a pair of thick glasses to wear.

Clare is unrecognizable from her Mathletes character Caroline

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Clare’s appearance in Mean Girls meant she has remained somewhat unrecognizable in real life.

The actress, now 44, doesn’t post to social media all too often, but a recent snap on her Instagram is a far cry away from the greasy teen character she once played.

Clare shares snippets of her life on Instagram


The former teen star is seen sipping an extravagant drink


Posing for a selfie, Clare was flooded with praise from her following.

While she has shunned the limelight in recent years, Canadian Clare, who calls herself an ‘eternal optimist’, doesn’t shy away from sharing photos from her travels.

A post from Autumn 2021 shows Clare sporting a black bikini top and denim shorts, hugging a friend on the back of a boat in Basel, Switzerland. A similar shot was taken in Zürich with Clare’s red hair flying freely in the wind.

Clare Preuss, 44, shares a snap from her globetrotting


Clare Preuss/facebook)

On both occasions, the actress and her friend are all-smiles for the camera.

If we learn one thing from Clare – and by extension Caroline Krafft – it’s simple: don’t judge a Mathlete by their 99-cent lipgloss.

While Clare is happy globe-trotting, fellow Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan recently announced a career comeback.

Mean Girls would not recognize the former Mathlete now


After finding fame in the 1998 film The Parent Trap, later went on to star in a number of teen movies, Mean Girls included, and signed a record deal with Casablanca Records, subsequently releasing two albums.

She recently signed a multi-film deal with Netflix.

Falling For Christmas will be the first film made as part of the deal and is due for release at the end of the year.

While month the US star was revealed as the narrator of a new dating show set in a US high school-themed environment.

Lindsay announced a new role with Netflix



She shot to fame playing twins in the Parent Trap reboot

Lovestruck High will follow 15 British single adults as they attempt to find love in a high school backdrop, filmed in the UK.

Lohan, 35, will be the show’s voiceover artist, charting the ups and downs of the group as they return to the classroom for a second chance at finding love in between lessons.

Lovestruck High will launch on May 18 on Prime Video.

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