McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive compared to Tesco, Aldi, and M&S – there’s a clear winner

A taste test of Tesco, Aldi and M&S chocolate digestive biscuits found one clear contender which could rival the McVitie’s brand and for a much cheaper price

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I tried all the supermarkets’ own-brand chocolate digestives?

The McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive has been compared to own brand alternatives from Tesco, Aldi and M&S to reveal a clear winner.

Each biscuit’s taste, dunking power, chocolate to biscuit ratio and crunch factor was compared against the McVitie’s brand to see if it really does deserve the title “the nation’s favorite.”

The supermarket brand digestives were put to the test against a £2 double pack of McVitie’s alongside a humble cup of tea.

One supermarket came awfully close to the true McVitie’s taste while carrying a much cheaper price tag.

While the other two retailers were no match for the iconic biscuit brand, according to the review by Kent Live.

First on the tasting menu was Tesco’s milk chocolate digestives, described as “crumbly and crunchy” and priced at 60p.

Tesco own brand chocolate digestives were said to taste very similar

The biscuit’s taste was said to be “strikingly similar to the classic we all know and love” with a great chocolatey flavour.

But the texture set it apart as it was much crumblier than McVitie’s and likened to a shortbread biscuit.

Next up was the more luxurious Marks and Spencer supermarket brand which was described as “rather good” but with a few set backs.

The M&S biscuit tasted cheaper than expected, according to the review

Despite being ranked as the closest to McVitie’s distinctive taste and texture, the reviewer felt “just a little underwhelmed” with its higher 75p price tag.

The chocolate was described as “tasting a little cheaper” than expected and not “on brand with the M&S name” in their taste test.

Meanwhile Aldi supermarket offered sweet-toothed shoppers the cheapest digestive chocolate priced at just 45p.

Aldi’s chocolate digestive was the cheapest but also smaller in size

But the budget-friendly supermarket option is also noticeably smaller than the other brands, according to the review.

Its taste was described as “the weakest by far with a noticeably cheaper chocolate” that was compared to that of advent calendars.

The biscuit was said to be harder in texture and its smaller size meant it was gone within two bites.

Overall the review still favored the McVitie’s brand as well as the Tesco own brand alternative.

McVitie’s digestive chocolate remained the favorite alongside Tesco’s own brand alternative

The reviewer said they were left feeling “rather disappointed” at the end of the taste test with regards to the chocolate digestives on offer at Aldi and M&S.

McVitie’s remained in first place for the reviewer who gave credit to Tesco for “coming pretty close and making a delicious biscuit.”

“If I’m ever in Tesco and in the mood to save a few pennies, this will make a more than acceptable substitute to my usual,” they added.

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