Marvel’s Moon Knight: Moon Knight Episode 4 breakdown and when does Moon Knight come out?

The first Marvel TV show on Disney Plus of the year has aired: Moon Knight. Steven Grant, alternatively Marc Spector, played by Oscar Isaac, is making his MCU debut as a mercenary who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

There will be six episodes, each roughly 40 to 50 minutes long, released weekly each Wednesday. Here’s all we know about the show so far, including a full breakdown of the first episode.

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Warning: Spoilers for the first four episodes ahead.

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When does Moon Knight come out?

The weekly episodes of Moon Knight air every Wednesday at 8am in the UK.

Moon Knight Episode 4 explained

The fourth episode of Moon Knight picks up where we left off, with Layla and Steven fleeing Harrow’s men in the Egyptian desert. Steven still refuses to let Marc come to the fore, saying that they had a deal that Steven would be in control.Steven comes clean to Layla about Khonshu wanting her for his her Avatar, explaining why Marc was pulling away from her. Layla and Steven then kiss before Layla jumps into Ammit’s tomb, and then Marc promptly punches Steven in el’s face for kissing his wife. Together, Steven and Layla find the entrance to Ammit’s tomb, littered with blood and gore. While trying to find a way in, Steven and Layla are attacked by an Ancient Egyptian zombie-like creature and are separated.After she fights off the zombie, Harrow tracks down Layla and tells her that Marc was present while her de ella archaeologist father was killed. Visibly upset, Layla runs away from her and confronts Marc after Steven finds the ushabti. Marc takes control of the body and tells her that he was there and failed to stop his unnamed partner from killing everyone there. He also states that he himself was shot and should have died.

Harrow then catches up with them and a fight breaks out. Layla manages to flee while Marc kills three of Harrow’s men. However, Harrow manages to shoot Marc and he sinks into a pool of water. The aspect ratio of the show then changes and we see two explorers from an old film we later find out is called Tomb Buster. One of the explorers is named Dr Steven Grant, the same as Steven himself. The camera pulls away to reveal the film is playing in a hospital, where people are playing bingo and a woman is drawing the Infinity Stones and an image of Khonshu. Marc wakes up holding a figurine of Moon Knight but can’t move or speak properly.

It’s revealed that both he and Layla as patients, with Harrow their apparent doctor. As Marc is moved throughout the ‘hospital’, he sees imagery from the show so far, like Egyptian figures, Steven in his reflection on him, and Harrow’s cane. Harrow implies that everything that happened so far is just in Marc’s head, inspired by his favorite film and that Marc must be sedated “because of his behaviour”. “We don’t exist in a material world. We live in a psychic world, “explains Harrow. Marc finally remembers that Harrow shot him and runs away from him and the supposed nurses. During his attempted escape from him, Marc finds Steven trapped in a sarcophagus. Together, they also encounter another sarcophagus that is shaking violently, perhaps containing their suspected third personality, Jake Lockley. They don’t attempt to open it and move on. At the close of the episode, they open a door to find a hippo dressed up in Ancient Egyptian clothing and walking on two legs. She seems as surprised as there and simply says “hi”, prompting them to start screaming.

A new trailer for the upcoming show, Moon Knight, dropped on January 18th. Photo: Disney / Marvel.
The outfit for Moon Knight seems fairly comicbook-accurate from the first glimpses we get. Photo: Disney / Marvel.
The first poster for the show seems to show Moon Knight’s signature crescent daggers. Photo: Disney / Marvel.

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