Martin Lewis claps back at ITV Good Morning Britain viewer after complaint over ‘disgusting’ chest hair


If there was one comment Martin Lewis thought he’d not find himself having to respond to it would probably be one about his chest hair.

But the Money Saving Expert founder ended up finding himself doing just that as he returned to Good Morning Britain on Tuesday for another shift at the helm of the show alongside Susanna Reid. Martin has become a part of the ITV news programme’s changing male line-up following Piers Morgan’s sudden exit last March.

He has been brought back on multiple occasions following his first successful stint early last year. Taking to Twitter before his last appearance in the GMB hot seat, the 49-year-old shared selfie of himself alongside Susanna, 52.

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He wrote: “Good morning Britain. We’re ready to go. Me and my quirky face as I struggle to take a selfie while a VT rolls (@GMB @susannareid100).”

But Martin may not have got the reaction he was expecting as in response to Twitter user, @compliancecrg, said: “Is there ANYTHING more NARCISSISTIC, ANNOYING, PATRONISING and REVOLTING as @MartinSLewis with disgusting – I don’t care – body hair 1st thing in the morning?? Not to mention the condescending. @GMB”

However, it’s fair to say he wasn’t standing for it and was soon clapping back at the comment. He replied: “Thanks for the direct insult. I am a human being you know. Have some manners.”

Martin was back on the show alongside Susanna Reid

The cruel comment was soon quashed, though, as others gushed over the love snap. @JaxD50 was one of those who said: “Looking very dapper, Martin. @susannareid100, you look gorgeous.”

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Good Morning Britain viewers have also been left making a demand since Martin returned to the show and are very much hoping he gets a permanent slot, replacing the likes of Richard Madeley.

@KateS03542709 said: “Please keep @MartinSLewis on as a presenter. He is so knowledgeable and able to take people to task.”

“Think GMB should consider giving @MartinSLewis a permanent position on the show as the financial advisor, he knows what he’s talking about & doesn’t waffle, be good to get an expert financial opinion on important matters and not some random spouting drivel,” @JennySunshine18 commented.

@BettyBoopilito asked Martin: “Please can you be the permanent presenter with Susanna in the mornings?”

“Pls pls pls can @martinlewis and @adilray be main @GMB presenters?? ! can’t watch Mon-Wed when ghastly, tactless, Toryboy Richard Madeley is on. He’s got no depth of knowledge and is unwatchable. The other two have empathy and interesting backgrounds. #gmb,” @SunderlandLolly tweeted.

But it’s not the first time Martin’s appearance has come into question by viewers. Earlier this month, while hosting his ITV money show, viewers were quick to point out his flashy outfit of choice during his discussion and advice around the cost of living crisis.


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