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Pablo Casado has been trying for weeks to avoid as much as possible the internal dispute between his number two, Teodoro García Egea, and the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. He had even given orders to silence the conflict and avoided as much as possible appearing and giving interviews or press conferences. But this Sunday, fed up, he expanded in Granada, not coincidentally at the closing of the party’s congress in Andalusia that has consecrated its leader, Juan Manuel Moreno, as the “example and benchmark” of loyalty and management to follow to get there one day to La Moncloa. Casado did not mention Ayuso by name, but he did not need to: “We are a great team, a great orchestra, soloists do not fit here, we are a tuned, harmonic orchestra, where a strong score prevails, not the sum of individualistic plans ; personalism does not fit in the PP ”.

The Andalusian PP congress became once again a chessboard this weekend in which, according to the Genoa version, the isolation of the lady (by Ayuso) has been made visible in her attempt to attract others barons to the outbreak of rebellion and coup against Casado that the national leadership has been denouncing in recent days and in which they also include the invectives launched by the exporter in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, in a recent book.

“Ayuso has been portrayed. He made an inappropriate comment and forced Moreno to speak out and then the party came out to support him, obviously, ”indicate sources close to the PP leader.

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On Friday Ayuso advised Moreno to “fly free” and to call elections in Andalusia when he considered. Moreno himself had to specify the next day that “he has always been free” and those words were used minutes later by the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, to indicate that “no one from outside had to come” to tell him what he should do. Moreno tried to dissociate himself from these troubles by demanding that his people “stop being sterile entanglements” because he understands that they weaken him. This Sunday, at the closing ceremony, he sidestepped those problems.

Married yes this Sunday left his own mandate and wanted to enter fully into “those entanglements”, without ever mentioning Ayuso. The leader of the popular was meridian: “Personalism does not fit in the PP. The immense responsibility we bear in a bonfire of vanities that leads nowhere cannot be risked. This is not a talent show of megalomanias ”. The president of the PP stressed that his training now requires “humility, unity, having things clear and dedicating ourselves to what is ours.”

Free hands

Regarding the controversial autonomy of Moreno to call the elections, started this week by the vice president of the Board and leader of Cs, Juan Marín, the leader of the PP tried to make it clear that never, not even after the threat of a motion of censure in Murcia, He asked the president of Andalusia to alter the electoral calendar. “I called him and said: ‘You have your hands free to do the best in Andalusia because it will be the best for Spain,” he stressed.

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In the national leadership of the PP they seem resigned to the fact that every weekend of regional congresses the president of Madrid bursts the acts with indirect and direct towards Genoa. Despite this evident wear and tear, the popular leadership refuses to give its arm to twist in that pulse. “Uniprovincial congresses play when they play and the calendar will not change. And the double turn will be maintained. If in the first, the affiliates vote en masse, a second will not be necessary; if she is so sure of winning with the bases, the model does not harm her ”, indicate sources of the national leadership.

Among the popular Andalusians, very upset that their congress has been used as a battlefield between Ayuso’s interests and the national leadership, the reading is very similar. “Ayuso wanted to attract Moreno and not only has he not been able to, but, finally, Genoa has come out to support him publicly,” say sources from the leadership of the party in Andalusia.


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