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With the Isabel Díaz Ayuso crisis unsolved and Vox stomping in the polls, Pablo Casado is preparing to once again shake the streets against the Government. The leader of the PP has already participated in the protests of the police and civil guards against the repeal of the gag law, and he plans to join as many social protests are raised against the Executive if they are not incoherent with popular policies, according to sources from his environment anticipate. The PP assures that “the temperature of the street is rising due to the errors of the Government” and its plan is to join that social unrest. Casado will go out after the banner even if it coincides with Vox, like this Wednesday in the police protest in which he greeted Santiago Abascal. On Saturday, the popular leader “will do everything possible” to also attend the police demonstration, but his presence is on the air because he will be in León early in the morning at a ceremony with the provincial presidents of the PP. If he arrives on time, Casado will meet Ayuso again after two months avoiding each other.

The PP returns to the streets against the Government, although the experience of the popular animating the social mobilization against the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has so far been uneven. The popular believe that the protests against the Celáa law next to the concerted and private school (although the law was not touched), but they are aware of the puncture in the collection of signatures against the pardons to the leaders of the process. Casado even had to give an order to withdraw that initiative ahead of time given the little support: about 500,000 signatures were gathered, compared to the four million that Mariano Rajoy had achieved against him. statute.

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In the leadership of the PP they believe that the situation is different now, because there is a “growing” social unrest due to the economic situation, and the only thing that the party does is ride the wave of this protest movement. “It is not the PP, it is the reaction to the government’s policies. Little happens for the discomfort that exists “, defends a member of the leadership, who assures that the party” has not heated up “the demonstration of the police, and” does what it has to do “because the law that is to be repealed promoted it the PP.

In the dome they have no problems in coinciding in that demonstration with Vox, although last June, in the protest against the pardons that the right-wing gathered again in the Plaza de Colón, Casado dodged the photo with Abascal. “It does not cause us any type of concern,” say sources close to the leader about the coincidence with the Vox leader, with whom Casado says he has no personal problem and also coincided at the party on October 12 and usually greets each other in the cafeteria congressional. What he has not done has been to meet with him since the motion of censure in which he broke up with Vox. In the steering committee, the most moderate are also turning and losing their reluctance towards sharing acts with the extreme right. “We care very little to coincide with one or the other, we do not have any complex,” says a leader of the moderate wing.

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Ayuso has marked the step in supporting the police demand on the right. The Madrid leader was the first to support the police unions, with whom she met on November 12, and the first to announce that she would go to the demonstration next Saturday. After her, Abascal and Casado joined. The protest may be the scene of the first meeting between the leader and the Madrid president in the midst of an internal war since the popular convention of October 3 and 4 in Valencia, which Ayuso overshadowed with explosive statements in which he promised Casado that he will not try to move the chair. So far, the two have walked like a cat and a dog, without coinciding with either the Castilla-La Mancha or Andalusia PP congress, despite having both attended both. On Saturday Casado may be saved from meeting Ayuso who will arrive at the end of the demonstration, since he has to return to Madrid from León after intervening in the act with the popular provincial presidents.

Some voices in the PP interpret that the internal crisis with the president influences that Casado has raised the tone of opposition to the Government, as a way to get out of the struggle and stick his head out, after almost three months of work overshadowed by the conflict. In addition, the polls are reflecting an erosion of the PP as a result of the struggle and that Vox is the main beneficiary and is growing. In this context, Casado has joined the police protests with Vox and has requested the application of an educational 155 in the Catalan educational system to enforce 25% of classes in Spanish, burying the moderate bet in Catalonia of the last Catalan elections . In the leadership they deny that they are raising the pitch due to these conditions while they prepare to accompany all the social mobilizations that arise in the coming months against Pedro Sánchez.

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The PP marks distances with Vox in the face of gender violence

Despite the coincidences with Vox, the PP does clearly mark distances with the extreme right in the face of gender violence. Pablo Casado’s party released on Thursday a manifesto for the day against sexist violence in which he secretly charges against Vox’s denialism. “Without ambiguity or ambiguity, we have to denounce, prosecute and condemn gender violence,” says the text. “Denying or questioning this reality prevents solving the problem,” he adds.

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