Mark Labbett apologizes for his behavior on The Chase as his ‘mental health was shot’


Mark Labbett took to social media to apologize to “disappointed” fans over his behavior on The Chase after the contestant left the show.

Mark, also known as The Beast, left the show after being beaten in the final chase on the ITV show as the contestants scored a whopping £21,000 win.

Host Bradley Walsh congratulated all four winners and asked The Beast what he had to say after suffering defeat with only seconds left on the clock.

After congratulating the winners, Mark said “I’m leaving,” before storming off and hitting part of the set.

“I apologize to the kids watching, that’s not how you should take defeat,” Bradley told viewers.

Mark Labbett storms off set of The Chase after loss

Mark took to Twitter last night to apologize for his behavior on the show as his “mental health skyrocketed” around the time the episode was filmed.

He wrote: “Apologies to those of you disappointed with my behavior tonight. My mental health skyrocketed before that game, either stormed off or burst into tears. A ruthless diet of quality opponents didn’t help. #the chasing.”

Mark Labbett storms off set of The Chase after loss
Mark Labbett storms off set of The Chase after loss

Fellow Chaser Paul Sinha responded, “You should never have to apologize for the crime of ‘being human.’ I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with those questions.”

Fans responded to the quiz master, wishing him well after admitting he was struggling at the time.

One said: “My daughter and I assumed it was a bit of theatrics, so the only disappointment is hearing you were struggling at the time. Everyone can have a bad day, and tonight I’m showing my 13-year-old son your post.” so she knows that sometimes it’s okay to feel frustrated too”.

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Another responded: “No apologies. I had a shitty week where I broke down in tears in front of my harassing neighbors after I offered to pay for a worn out fence. I was mad at myself and then realized they still didn’t show remorse or empathy. for bothering me so much. GOOD people feel emotions. A hug”.

A third wrote: “You don’t need to apologize for being human and experiencing emotions. For my 24 years of life, that’s all I’ve ever done, and it doesn’t make it any better, it just makes you feel more.” guilty. Thanks for acknowledging it, but don’t apologize.”

“No need to apologize Mark, you played well and did your best by answering some nasty questions on #the chasing. It’s good that you congratulated the players and showed great sportsmanship,” said another.

A fifth wrote: “Cheer up Mark we all have times when our heads aren’t in the right space and you may be a celebrity but you’re just a human being and to be honest your sanity comes b4 any game show just put yourself first 4 times while sending love.” & healing x”

Someone else said: “Hey. These things happen. Good thing you’ve totally taken charge of that behavior. I really hope your mental health is better now. Remember you’re not alone. Always here if you want to talk. We got you Beast Boy .X”

The Chase airs Monday to Friday on ITV at 5pm

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