Marjorie Taylor Greene hearing – live: Congresswoman due in court in lawsuit that could ban her from office

Marjorie Taylor Greene complains ‘nasty’ media won’t be barred from her trial

Marjorie Taylor Greene will face an administrative judge at a hearing Friday afternoon in Washington, DC that could see the Georgia Republican banned from public office because of her alleged support for the 6 January insurrection at the US Capitol.

The congresswoman will be questioned about the 2021 insurrection by lawyer Ron Fein, representing a group of voters who filed a challenge with the Georgia secretary of state’s office alleging that Ms Greene helped facilitate the attack that ultimately sought to upend Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s presidential election-victory.

They say that her behavior violates a clause in the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment and makes her ineligible to run for reelection.

Among other things, the case against the congresswoman hinges on her repeated use of a “codeword” – specifically, repeated references to the year 1776 – which the laywers say encouraged the rioters who descended on the Capitol.

For her part, Ms Greene is appealing to a federal judge’s ruling allowing a challenge to her eligibility to run for reelection to proceed and has openly complained about the ‘nasty’ media that will be in attendance for a hearing that could see her lose her job.

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. ET.


Greene complains ahead of hearing that ‘nasty’ media will be in courtroom

Speaking ahead of her hearing to Jenna Ellis, a former Trump attorney, Marjorie Taylor Greene took to calling out a group of people she’s now commonly linked to debasing: the media.

“It’s absurd what they are claiming and lying about,” the congresswoman said to Ms Ellis, just days before the hearing that she could potentially see her lose her job.

“They’re going to allow the press in the courtroom. They’re going to allow the whole thing to be videoed live out to go anywhere in the world that they want to. And you know what that’s going to look like — the Democrats and the nasty mainstream media, you know, the ones that lie about me constantly anyways, well, they’re going to be able to twist and turn, and clip out any little piece they want the horrible things that these funded attorneys are going to try to say about me.”

Watch the clip of the Georgia Republican’s interview with Ms Ellis below.

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Lawyer fighting to block Greene says she used ‘codeword’ to encourage Capitol riot

The hearing around Marjorie Taylor Greene’s eligibility to run for reelection could hinge around the use of one “codeword” she uttered ahead of the 6 January Capitol Riot, lawyers seeking to disqualify the Georgia Republican said.

“The day before the attack, she signaled to her followers a codeword that meant to storm federal buildings and supposedly overthrow tyrants,” Ron Fein, the attorney who will question Ms Greene, told MSNBC on Wednesday. “So, we are going to ask her about all of that and more.”

On 5 January 2021, while providing an interview with Newsmax, the congresswoman told interviewers that ”This is our 1776 moment”.

Lawyers representing the voters seeking to block the congresswoman from reelection say “1776” was a “codeword for violence.”

As Ms Greene spoke it, pro-Trump demonstrators were gathering in Washington, DC for the following day’s rallies, where they planned to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory.

Continuing reading the full story from The Independent’s Nathan Place.

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