Mariupol resists and Russian advances stall


Russia has not yet managed to conquer Mariupola day after the expiration of the ultimatum to Ukraine to surrender the city, and its troops remain stalled on various fronts in the country, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and British intelligence sources.

The resistance of the port city on the Sea of ​​Azov, where the Russians are slowly tightening their grip, prevents Russia from completing the land corridor to connect the territories controlled by pro-Russian militias in Donbas with the Crimean peninsula. The Ukrainian authorities are meanwhile trying to evacuate as many civilians as possible from Mariupol.

Air-raid alarms have sounded in other Ukrainian cities, and shelling has been reported in Kharkov, Sumy and Chernigov.

According to the UN, more than 3.5 million people have fled the country and there are more than 10 million internally displaced as a result of the war, which is already 27 days old. The World Health Organization (WHO) has verified 62 attacks against medical and health facilities until March 20.

Mariúpol resists while preparing the evacuation of civilians

Ukrainian forces are facing Russian troops and militias from the self-proclaimed Republic of Donetsk who entered the south of the city last Friday, according to the latest military intelligence report released Tuesday by the UK Ministry of Defense.

The Ukrainian government, which on Monday rejected the Russian ultimatum and refused to surrender the city, has assured that it is focusing all its efforts on evacuating civilians, but that for now there is no agreement with Russia to open humanitarian corridors.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk has stated that three routes will work for the exit of civiliansall in the direction of the neighboring city of Zaporizhia, more to the north. The evacuation will take place daily until the entire population has been evacuated from Mariupol, Vereschchuk said.

A total of 21 buses and trucks with humanitarian aid have left Zaporizhia en route to Mariupol.

The Russians, stagnant and without provisions

According to a British intelligence report, “Russian forces elsewhere in Ukraine have endured another day of limited progress with most of its forces stalled”. “Several Ukrainian cities continue to suffer heavy Russian aerial bombardment and artillery strikes“, Add.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Russian forces they only have reserves of ammunition, fuel and food for no more than three days. The reason is that Russia has failed to establish “an oil pipeline to meet the needs of its troops” in the areas in which it operates.

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Likewise, the Ukrainian Ministry has indicated that “no significant changes have been noted in the position and nature of the shares of the defense forces during the last day”, but “more active actions of enemy planes in the last 24 hours”.

Ukraine claims to have hit “more than nine enemy air targets”: a plane, six unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and two helicopters.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych has recalled that one of the main Russian objectives remains to take Kyiv but that an attack on the city would be “suicidal”. Arestovych has added that the fighting could be over in two to three weeks.

The American President, Joe Bidenhas warned that, given Russia’s difficulties in completing the invasion, Vladimir Putin could resort to the use of chemical or biological weapons or to cyberattacks against the US.

27 days of war: the sound of sirens has become the daily life of Ukrainians – Watch now

Russia denies that its Army is encountering difficulties and make sure it progresses. The Russian Ministry of Defense has assured this Tuesday that its troops, together with the Donbas militias, have taken control of nine towns in the east of the country.

Russian aviation has also attacked 137 military installationsaccording to the Ministry, including six command and control centers and communication centers, two facilities for multiple launch rocket systems, one anti-aircraft missile system, eight depots for rocket and artillery weapons and ammunition, as well as 101 storage sites. military equipment parking.

This information could not be verified by independent sources.

The UN General Assembly discusses Ukraine again

For its part, the The UN General Assembly is scheduled to vote this week on a second resolution on the war in Ukraine, focused in this case on the humanitarian crisis resulting from the Russian invasion, although the countries are still trying to agree on its exact content.

France and Mexico have circulated among the rest of the member states a draft that asks Russia for an immediate cessation of hostilities, criticizes the siege of cities such as Mariúpol and demands that the civilian population be protected.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskycontinues his campaign to seek international support and this Tuesday he spoke by videoconference before the Italian Parliament, where he has asked for more sanctions against Russia.

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En esta captura de pantalla de un video se ven múltiples explosiones y humo alrededor de un complejo industrial en Mariúpol, ciudad a la que Rusia ha dado un ultimátum para que se rinda, algo que Ucrania ha rechazado, por lo que se prepara para nuevos ataques de las tropas rusas.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.7902097902097902,”seo”:”explosiones-cerca-complejo-industrial-mariupol”,”alt”:”Explosiones cerca de un complejo industrial en Mariúpol”,”title”:”Explosiones cerca de un complejo industrial en Mariúpol”,”sign”:”AZOV/REUTERS”,”source”:”via REUTERS”,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Explosiones cerca de un complejo industrial en Mariúpol”,”encodedTitle”:”Explosiones%20cerca%20de%20un%20complejo%20industrial%20en%20Mari%C3%BApol”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647944129579.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647944129579.jpg”},”description”:”

Dos pequeñas refugiadas ucranianas, Solomia, de cuatro años, y Yana, de seis, juegan en una tienda de campaña en Kroscienko, en Polonia, tras haber cruzado la frontera. Más de 3,5 millones de personas han abandonado Ucrania desde que comenzó la guerra. 

n”,”imgRatio”:1.4252054794520548,”seo”:”polonia-recibido-mas-mitad-refugiados-ucrania”,”alt”:”Polonia ha recibido a más de la mitad de los refugiados de Ucrania”,”title”:”Polonia ha recibido a más de la mitad de los refugiados de Ucrania”,”sign”:”REUTERS/Hannah McKay”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Polonia ha recibido a más de la mitad de los refugiados de Ucrania”,”encodedTitle”:”Polonia%20ha%20recibido%20a%20m%C3%A1s%20de%20la%20mitad%20de%20los%20refugiados%20de%20Ucrania”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647944725266.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647944725266.jpg”},”description”:”

El doctor Anatolii Pavlov toma fotografías de un hospital psiquiátrico destruido por los bombardeos de las tropas rusas en Mykolaiv, ciudad del sur, muy próxima a Odesa, el principal puerto de Ucrania. El Ejército ruso sigue atacando áreas civiles, y ha destruido edificios como colegios y hospitales.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.499454743729553,”seo”:”mykolaiv-ciudades-mas-castigadas”,”alt”:”Mykolaiv, una de las ciudades más castigadas”,”title”:”Mykolaiv, una de las ciudades más castigadas”,”sign”:”REUTERS/Nacho Doce”,”source”:null,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Mykolaiv, una de las ciudades más castigadas”,”encodedTitle”:”Mykolaiv%2C%20una%20de%20las%20ciudades%20m%C3%A1s%20castigadas”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647955777335.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647955777335.jpg”},”description”:”

Varias personas que han huido de la guerra recoge ropa en un centro de ayuda humanitaria en Leópolis, al oeste de Ucrania, que se ha convertido en un centro de ayuda humanitaria para los refugiados.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”ayuda-humanitaria-se-despliega-leopolis”,”alt”:”La ayuda humanitaria se despliega en Leópolis”,”title”:”La ayuda humanitaria se despliega en Leópolis”,”sign”:”REUTERS/Pavlo Palamarchuk”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”La ayuda humanitaria se despliega en Leópolis”,”encodedTitle”:”La%20ayuda%20humanitaria%20se%20despliega%20en%20Le%C3%B3polis”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647948705119.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647948705119.jpg”},”description”:”

El complejo deportivo de la Universidad Nacional de Medicina Veterinaria y Biotecnología de Leópolis se ha convertido en un refugio temporal para decenas de refugiados que huyen hacia el oeste de Ucrania.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5121107266435987,”seo”:”refugio-temporal-para-decenas-refugiados”,”alt”:”Refugio temporal para decenas de refugiados”,”title”:”Refugio temporal para decenas de refugiados”,”sign”:”Yuriy Dyachyshyn / AFP”,”source”:null,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Refugio temporal para decenas de refugiados”,”encodedTitle”:”Refugio%20temporal%20para%20decenas%20de%20refugiados”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647947842526.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647947842526.jpg”},”description”:”

Los camiones hacen cola en la frontera entre Polonia y Bielorrusia después de que activistas polacos y ucranianos hayan bloqueado la terminal tras la invasión rusa de Ucrania, en Kukuryki (Polonia). “Bloqueen los camiones rusos”, dicen los manifestantes en la frontera, según recoge Reuters.

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n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”manifestacion-activistas-frontera-bielorrusia”,”alt”:”Manifestación de activistas en la frontera con Bielorrusia”,”title”:”Manifestación de activistas en la frontera con Bielorrusia”,”sign”:”Jakub Orzechowski/Agencja / REUTERS”,”source”:null,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Manifestación de activistas en la frontera con Bielorrusia”,”encodedTitle”:”Manifestaci%C3%B3n%20de%20activistas%20en%20la%20frontera%20con%20Bielorrusia”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647945987789.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647945987789.jpg”},”description”:”

Un hombre trabaja en las vías del tren junto a un edificio dañado por los bombardeos rusos en la ciudad de Derhachi, que se encuentra en la región de Járkov, una de las más castigadas por los ataques de las tropas rusas. 

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5003248862897987,”seo”:”destruccion-region-jarkov”,”alt”:”Destrucción en la región de Járkov”,”title”:”Destrucción en la región de Járkov”,”sign”:”REUTERS/Oleksandr Lapshyn”,”source”:null,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Destrucción en la región de Járkov”,”encodedTitle”:”Destrucci%C3%B3n%20en%20la%20regi%C3%B3n%20de%20J%C3%A1rkov”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647948764471.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647948764471.jpg”},”description”:”

Una mujer aguarda en un andén de la estación de tren de Praga, en la República Checa. Según el ministro del Interior de este país, ya han concedido más de 200.000 visas especiales de larga duración a ciudadanos ucranianos que huyen de la invasión rusa. 

n”,”imgRatio”:1.4998597475455822,”seo”:”miles-refugiados-llegan-republica-checa”,”alt”:”Miles de refugiados llegan a la República Checa”,”title”:”Miles de refugiados llegan a la República Checa”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/MARTIN DIVISEK”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Miles de refugiados llegan a la República Checa”,”encodedTitle”:”Miles%20de%20refugiados%20llegan%20a%20la%20Rep%C3%BAblica%20Checa”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647946826897.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647946826897.jpg”},”description”:”

El presidente ucraniano, Volodimir Zelenski se ha dirigido al Parlamento de Italia durante un debate sobre la “La agresión rusa contra Ucrania”. En su intervención ha pedido a Italia “ayuda para parar al asesino” y ha advertido de que Ucrania es la puerta de Putin para “entrar en Europa”. 

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”zelenski-se-dirige-parlamento-italia”,”alt”:”Zelenski se dirige al Parlamento de Italia”,”title”:”Zelenski se dirige al Parlamento de Italia”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/ROBERTO MONALDO / POOL”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Zelenski se dirige al Parlamento de Italia”,”encodedTitle”:”Zelenski%20se%20dirige%20al%20Parlamento%20de%20Italia”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647957091148.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647957091148.jpg”},”description”:”

Miembros de las fuerzas armadas alemanas ayudan a registrar refugiados de Ucrania, que huyen de la invasión rusa, dentro de una tienda de campaña en un centro de llegada recién construido en la pista del antiguo aeropuerto de Tegel en Berlín.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.499267935578331,”seo”:”centro-recepcion-refugiados-ucranianos-berlin”,”alt”:”Centro de recepción de refugiados ucranianos en Berlín”,”title”:”Centro de recepción de refugiados ucranianos en Berlín”,”sign”:”REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke”,”source”:null,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Centro de recepción de refugiados ucranianos en Berlín”,”encodedTitle”:”Centro%20de%20recepci%C3%B3n%20de%20refugiados%20ucranianos%20en%20Berl%C3%ADn”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647944908500.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647944908500.jpg”},”description”:”

Anna Malymon, de 25 años, llega procedente de Járkov a Leópolis, última parada para miles de personas al oeste de Ucrania, antes de llegar a Polonia. A su llegada abraza a su amiga Anastasia Levytska, de 29 años.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.539882968894364,”seo”:”leopolis-ultimo-refugio-antes-huir-ucrania”,”alt”:”Leópolis, el último refugio antes de huir de Ucrania”,”title”:”Leópolis, el último refugio antes de huir de Ucrania”,”sign”:”REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Leópolis, el último refugio antes de huir de Ucrania”,”encodedTitle”:”Le%C3%B3polis%2C%20el%20%C3%BAltimo%20refugio%20antes%20de%20huir%20de%20Ucrania”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647952536496.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1647952536496.jpg”},”description”:”

Manifestación para apoyar la acción militar rusa en Ucrania, en Bishkek. El cartel con una imagen del presidente ruso Vladimir Putin dice “¡Estamos por Rusia! ¡Estamos por Putin!”.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.3782234957020056,”seo”:”manifestacion-prorrusa-kirguistan”,”alt”:” “,”title”:”Manifestación prorrusa en Kirguistán”,”sign”:”VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO / AFP”,”source”:”AFP”,”date”:”22.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Manifestación prorrusa en Kirguistán”,”encodedTitle”:”Manifestaci%C3%B3n%20prorrusa%20en%20Kirguist%C3%A1n”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}}]” data-img_server=””>

    Explosions near an industrial complex in Mariupol

    In this screenshot of a video, multiple explosions and smoke are seen around an industrial complex in Mariupol, a city that Russia has given an ultimatum to surrender, something that Ukraine has rejected, so it is preparing for new attacks. of the Russian troops.

    via REUTERS

    Poland has received more than half of the refugees from Ukraine



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