Marine Le Pen stands as leader of the opposition

In her first speech after the polls closed in the second round of the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen accepted her defeat and called on her voters to turn her party into “the opposition to Macron” ahead of the legislative elections in June. According to the first estimates, his rival and current president, Emmanuel Macron, would win the victory 16 points away.

The candidate has said that the results of this Sunday “Already represent a great victory” and that “the battle is not over”. He also acknowledged feeling “a kind of hope”, because the figures obtained constitute for the “French and European” leaders the testimony of the “great confidence of the French people, the shared aspiration of a great change“.

In addition, he took advantage of his speech to thank his voters for their support, with special mention to “the provinces” and “the overseas territories”, where it has swept the second round with results above 60%. “My gratitude is special to our compatriots from the provinces and overseas territories, who have placed me in the lead in this second round, with an extraordinary force that moves me. France too forgotten, we don’t forget her”has added.

According to the first estimations, Marine Le Pen would obtain the 41.8% of the votes, compared to 58.2% for his opponent, Emmanuel Macron, who would rise to victory and revalidate his mandate as President of the Republic for another five years. A few months before the legislative elections, Macron will have to face a very polarized country after the best result of the extreme right in presidential elections with the highest abstention rate in the last 50 years.

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Le Pen launches “the great electoral battle” of the legislative elections

Le Pen has recalled the situation of the traditional parties “that previously dominated” the French political scene, and has placed his formation as “the real opposition” ahead of the legislative elections to be held in June. Likewise, he has said that “no patriot, no democrat” can accept that Macron is present “in a destructive way” after the legislative elections.

“Tonight we launch the great electoral battle of the legislative elections. I will fight this battle with all those who have the courage to oppose Macron“, she declared to a cheering audience.

The candidate added that the French people have expressed their desire to “a strong counterpower” against Macron and an opposition “that will continue to defend and protect them” in the face of the “disintegration” of their purchasing power, the “attacks on freedoms”, the “regression” of the retirement age, insecurity or “anarchic immigration”.

“I fear that this coming five-year period will have unprecedented brutal practices and that Macron will do nothing to avoid the fractures that divide our compatriots,” he said.

These elections represent the candidate’s third race to the Elysee of National Group, former National Front, and his second duel against Emmanuel Macron in a second round. Marine Le Pen, who has moderated her speech since the last elections, has significantly shortened the distance with Macron with respect to the 2017 elections.

For his speech, which ended by encouraging his followers to sing La Marseillaise, Marine Le Pen has chosen a pavilion located in the forest of Bologna, west of Paris. Her team had prepared 13 buses to start a march through the most emblematic places of the capital in case of winning the elections.

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