March for freedom in Barcelona, ​​September 10, 2018




Torra and Torrent have led the “march for freedom”, which has traveled through the center of Barcelona on foot and has concluded in Plaça Sant Jaume.


The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has called on the Catalans to “resist” in the face of “injustices, threats, fear and violence” and he has promised to “make the Catalan republic effective.”

In his traditional institutional message on the eve of the Day of September 11, Torra has gone back more than 300 years to remember that, in July 1713, in the Saló de Sant Jordi of the Palau de la Generalitat, took place “a vote that changed the course of the history of the Catalans”.

Ante la “imminent arrival in Barcelona of the Bourbon troops and the beginning of the siege against the city”He explained that the Junta de Brazos was called, “which replaced the Catalan Courts when they could not meet”, to decide “between submission or resistance to Felipe V”.

According to Torra, by 78 votes to 45, the assembled representatives opted for “to resist”, not to hand over Barcelona to the Bourbon forces and “defend to the last consequences one of the oldest constitutional and parliamentary systems in Europe, the Catalan, which in 1713 already counted five centuries”.

“The decision had not been taken by any king, but by the representatives of the Catalans”, has emphasized Torra, who has drawn a parallel with the current situation in Catalonia.

For the president of the Generalitat, Catalonia is, three centuries later, “at a new historical crossroads”, in which the Catalans must “decide whether in the face of injustices, threats, fear, violence, prisons and exile, we conform or resist and move forward.”

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“History tells us that every time we have fallen we have got up and started again. And now we do it in a democratic and peaceful fight for civil, social and national rights,” he stressed.

Torra: “History tells us that every time we have fallen we have risen again”

The president recalled that his Government “has promised to make the republic effective, a shared republic that must belong to all Catalans.”

Torra and the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, have spearheaded the “march for freedom”, which has traveled the center of Barcelona on foot and has concluded in Plaça Sant Jaume, where an artistic show has taken place on the occasion of the Diada.

Around 8:20 p.m., at the end of the act of awarding the Parlament’s Medal of Honor, in the gold category, to the Rosa Sensat Teachers Association, Torra and Torrent have received a lantern with the Canigou Flame, at doors of the parliamentary headquarters, accompanied by the rest of the members of the Government and the sovereignist representatives in the Table of the Catalan Chamber.

After listening in front of the facade of the Parliament, the musical performance of Obeses, who have interpreted “Ens en sortirem”, a song composed in tribute to the people who participated in the 1-O, the members of the Government, as well as sovereign deputies and others Institutional representatives, led by Torra and Torrent, have started the march that has crossed the old town of Barcelona.

This march, in which Citizens, the PPC and the PSC have not participated in protest against its sovereignist connotations, is the great novelty in the institutional events organized for this Diada.

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Thousands of people have accompanied the political representatives, amid shouts of “Freedom”, “Independence” or “Not a step back”.

The march has stopped at the Born Cultural Center, which had been the scene of the last institutional acts of the Diada and where tonight a formation of the honor guard of the Mossos d’Esquadra corps has raised the ‘senyera’ in the mast installed in the Plaza Comercial, in parallel to the performance of “El cant de la senyera” by the young choir of the Orfeó Català.

The so-called “march for freedom” then went to Plaça Sant Jaume, where at the end of 10:00 pm a show of music, dance and projections took place that vindicated the sovereign “prisoners and exiles”.

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