Manuela Carmena: “I hate the term ‘carmenista’, I don’t like being invoked” | Radio Madrid


Manuela Carmena has just presented The young politician, his latest book in which he questions the structure and functioning of political parties today. “Social evolution is very fast and what it was worth in the early twentieth century. The structures are broken and the only thing that governs the party is to win elections and the essence of politics is sacrificed, which is to modify the living conditions of citizens,” he said. said the former mayor

Carmena has reflected on the political evolution of what was her political project -Más Madrid- and on what it has become today, which she respects but does not resemble the project that she wanted to promote. “It was my fault. I did not have the lucidity to realize, that no matter how much I insisted, that it was a platform in which there were going to be independent people and parties and that the parties were not going to give directions on that platform, that either was not understood or I did not know how to explain it. Indeed, it was not successful, “he acknowledged.

The former mayor of Madrid is very clear when asked about the term carmenista attributed to the four councilors who are currently part of the mixed group and who left Más Madrid: “The term I hate. I hate that attitudes are defined in relation to people. I do not like anything that they invoke or invoke them. I have very good friends in both groups. There are very valid people. You have to raise the ideas, not the link to the people. “

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Activism is not management

The mayoralties of change emerged in 2015 with an unexpected electoral success. Those lists included independent people and some activist leaders who did not always understand the management. Asked if the activist can be a good manager, Carmena points out that activism “makes it difficult to listen to others. I was very hopeful that the freshest way to generate new political leaders was activism and my experience has made me think that it is not the most appropriate, that more things are needed “.

Carmena understands that Madrid needs a change, but completely rules out a return to politics. He clarifies that it is not the left that must recover Madrid but the policies of progress: “This city has to take the leap for progress. It cannot be stuck by ideas of the Franco regime and there are things that are from the last century. Things that you say My God What’s this about? “

Cañada Real: the failure of politics

Asked about the situation in the Cañada Real Galiana, where two sectors have been without electricity for more than a year, Carmena shows her outrage at what happened and gives as an example what happened with the Gallinero when, before the relocations, Madrid City Council decided to pave the area to prevent children from coming to class full of mud. She does not understand why nothing is done and such long deadlines are set to find solutions: “Really, there is no right that what is happening in La Cañada is happening in this society. And if as a citizen, I could assume that responsibility that I I propose in the book that as groups we could have investments to be able to solve the problems of society, I would say, count on me “.

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