Mañueco offers “moderation, dialogue, tolerance and integration”

Alfonso Fernandez Manueco has taken possession this Tuesday of his position as President of the Junta de Castilla y León. has promised to be “everyone’s president”without distinguishing between “opinions and ideologies”, and has offered citizens “moderation, dialogue, tolerance, integration and a constructive spirit that allows growth in the diversity of opinions”.

The president, who was invested last week in the regional Courts, he returned to them this Tuesday to swear his position, as well as compliance with the Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy, in an act in which The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has not been present (absent due to his meeting with the social agents). Yes, other ‘popular’ leaders have been, such as the general secretary, Cuca Gamarrathe Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayusoor the former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, apart from other former presidents of the Board such as Juan Vicente Herrera.

They have also attended the leader of vox, Santiago Abascalsince his party will govern autonomy for the first time in a coalition (the vice president of the Board will be Juan Garcia-Gallardo), and on behalf of the Government, the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, as well as the delegate, Virgina Barcones.

Manueco has grateful for the support that Feijóo has given himespecially since he is president of the PP, and the presence and support of all the attendees, especially that of his wife and daughtersthe “women of his life”. At that time it was shown visibly excited. She has also shown a guardian angel that her family has given her.

The president has claimed a “management policy against gestures”which allows “keeping society active” and “promoting everything necessary” to don’t stop progress region of. But always, she has stressed, from “the rationalityrealism, measure and the prudence”. And he has defended a “firm” and “active” Castilla y Leónwith particular mention to the “women who advance”to the “young people who make their way in an increasingly demanding environment”, to the elderly with their “priceless excellence”, and to the different workers.

By last, has offered all his work, his knowledge and his will to achieve that Castilla y León that he has said to aspire to. “It is a huge task that cannot be tackled alone and that it needs the collaboration of all”, he settled.

The event was led by the president of the Cortes of Castilla y León, Carlos Pollan (Vox)who congratulated Mañueco on his new position: “I am confident that this government will deploy policies that will put the citizens of Castilla y León at the center and that will lead this Executive to success”.

For its part, Minister JoyApart from congratulating the Chairman of the Board and offering the collaboration of the Government of Spain” and “co-governance”, he has a firm defense of the Autonomous State and the European Union.

The PP defends the pact with Vox and Ayuso a “free socialism” community

Despite the absence of Feijóo, Gamarra has assured in statements to Europa Press that the PP is with Mañueco todaywhile defending the pact “with light and stenographers” and within the “constitutional framework and the autonomous State” with Vox.

In his speech to the media, he described this as “Important day for the PP family” and has defended the decision of feijoo of not attending the act to prioritize their meeting with the social agents: “We are on all fronts, the PP accompanies Fernández Mañueco and at the same time works on the economic proposal that the Spanish need”. Feijóo has already said that he will make an institutional visit to Mañueco in the coming days.

For its part, Ayuso welcomed the fact that Castilla y León has become a community “free socialism” after what “the great pact” between PP and Vox has allowed Mañueco to be re-elected Chairman of the Board.

Upon his arrival at the headquarters of the Cortes, he told the media that it is “an honor” to accompany Mañueco in his “new stage”, in which the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León will “continue working together in unison “.

Abascal: “There was no more important place to be today than in Castilla y León”

abascalfor his part, has assured that, for his formation, today “there was no more important place to be” than in Castilla y León and the inauguration of Mañueco, although he has avoided judging the absence of his counterpart from the PP , Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in this act.

It is not for me to judge the agendas of other leadersbut I don’t doubt Feijóo’s support for his territorial leaders“, Abascal has indicated to questions from the media and has stated that it is up to Feijóo himself to explain his absence, because for Vox “it is a priority to defend this government,” he stressed.

For his part, García-Gallardo was convinced that this is “a great day for democracy in Castilla y León”. He has claimed once again the legislature agreement signed between PP and Vox on March 10 from the conviction that this “first pact” between PP and Vox will be the example “of the many others that are possibly yet to come.”

For his part, the PSOE spokesman in Parliament, Luis Tudancahas criticized this Tuesday the “partisan act” in which, in his opinion, PP and Vox have converted the inauguration of Mañueco, who “Instead of thanking the citizens, they have thanked Ayuso and Abascal”. It is, he has said, a “sad day” and “worrying” for democracy in Spain that Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP has agreed with the “extreme right” against the criteria of the European PP: “It claims to offer moderation and dialogue, but we only see embarrassment.”

And the only solicitor of cs in the Courts of Castile and León, Francisco Igeahas crossed out this Tuesday of “cowardly” to Feijóo for not having attended the inauguration of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco: “The citizens know very well what this gesture means.Or is it a good deal?, Igea has argued. For this reason, in a press conference after the act, Igea has cataloged as “sad” that not even its national president has supported Mañueco in his inauguration, since it confirms what the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that “there are only two spaces left, that of Yolanda Díaz or that of Abascal” and “it seems that the rest of us no longer have space, but we will continue fighting for him,” he said.

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