Manchester’s Top Topii has sights set on city’s burger crown

Badrul Alom has always been obsessed with entrancing diners with the most delicious dishes.

This love affair with food was revealed through Badrul’s first food venture, in Blackrod – more than three decades ago. Ever since, Badrul has been on a mission to take our tastebuds on gourmet tours of global cuisine.

Since then he’s been the chef and proprietor of a feast of takeaways and restaurants across the region. He eyes on the trends, ears on customer feedback, pleasing palates at the vanguard of taste.

That’s why we sit up and take notice when Badrul, together with his sons Safwan and Ridwaan, announce the launch of their newest venture – Top Topii.

This is a unique food experience for the people of Manchester. We’re talking about the highest-quality American smashed burgers, made from the very best Angus steak mince.

The most marvelous mocktails – and unmatched curries spiced to perfection by Badrul and his teams, using the freshest ingredients.

To top it off, those burgers sandwiched by brioche buns so colorful they’ll give Willy Wonka a run for his money.

And Top Topii is all yours to enjoy when it launches Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

What are American smashed burgers?

Delicious, dazzling, devoured.  You won't be able to keep your hands and eyes off Top Topii's beautiful burgers - they're edible art
Delicious. dazzling. Devoured. You won’t be able to keep your hands and eyes off Top Topii’s beautiful burgers – they’re edible art

Chefs have been on a quest for years to produce the perfect patty. Badrul believes he’s found it – in the American smashed burger.

Imagine biting into a burger that’s crisp on the outside, with the most melting, juiciest chew. All taste. Zero commitment.

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At Top Topii, smashed burgers are hand-pressed using a stainless steel contraption Badrul shipped in from the US of A.

Smashing a burger gives it an imperfect shape – full of edges and perfect for developing what those in the trade know as a signature ‘bark’, where all the flavor and unique texture lives. Fabulously crispy exteriors, beautifully juicy indoors.

Top Topii’s also got vegans and chicken lovers covered with their own burger range.

But at Top Topii, the patty is only half the story.

simply bun-derful

TrueBlue. Matcha Tea. Or for a rainbow of inspiration, how about going all-out with the swirled, rainbow-inspired Fantasy?

They say you eat with your eyes. No more so than when you feast them on a Top Topii burger – complete with the most colourful, decadent brioche buns.

Badrul, Safwan and Ridwaan know what it takes to make the perfect dish. Taste for the oohs, theater for the ahhs.

Top Topii’s smashed burgers tick all the boxes. They’re delicious. And more than a visual statement.

They’re fun. And a guaranteed Insta hit. You’re not just pleasing your palate, you’re also wowing your tribe.

And while you’re in the mood for some color, why not pair your burger with one of Top Topii’s exquisite mocktails?

What makes Top Topii different?

Top Topii serves different menus throughout the day and night - including a special selection for city workers on the late shift
Top Topii serves different menus throughout the day and night – including a special selection for city workers on the late shift

We mentioned Badrul’s mission to provide the quality of fine dining with the efficiency of fast food.

There’s no cutting corners here. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, Badrul, Safwan and Ridwaan have mastered the art of making top-end food in a flash.

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Your food is prepared by restaurant chefs with years of experience perfecting their craft.

So next time you’re hungry and hankering for a taste sensation, Top Topii’s here to help.

Open all hours

Launching soon are Top Topii’s breakfast and midnight meals.

Start the day with a breakfast with a twist. Enjoy Indian favorites such as masala omelettes and desi cheese grilled wraps.

Or how about a Nutella paratha? All washed down with chai or bubble tea.

Top Topii is also introducing a lunch and brunch menu, from 11am to 4pm, packed with Indian dishes such as biryanis, ready to go in a glance and easy eating at the desk or on the move.

It’s then time for the main menu, featuring those all-American smashed burgers with a side of curries we’ve come to know and love, and a tasty range of drinks including mocktails.

It doesn’t stop there. Late-night workers are the lifeblood of our city and they need refueling after a tough shift. If you’re a night owl, Top Topii’s on call for you.

Get in touch about their special menu set to launch, from midnight to 4am, after which the breakfast menu’s back on shift here at Top Topii.

Pleasing the planet

Top Topii puts passion into everything - from its round-the-clock menus to stylish, eco-friendly packaging
Top Topii puts passion into everything – from its round-the-clock menus to stylish, eco-friendly packaging

Top Topii isn’t just saving us from average takeaway food.

This Manchester hot food emporium is also doing its bit for the planet with solid environmental credentials. We’re talking earth-friendly recyclable packaging.

Badrul really has thought of everything in his quest to bring you quick eats perfected over 33 years.

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party time

Organizing a big event – a family party, perhaps, or a corporate function – and looking for the ultimate wow factor with your food?

When you want to dazzle your guests with a dish that everyone will love, order the incredible Top Topii Impress Meal Box – available for up to 20 people and including your choice of burger for each diner, and skin-on fries and dips.

It’s a stunning centerpiece for your celebrations.

Scaled-down box meals are also available for two or four people – ideal for getting together with the other half or friends to enjoy the most scandalously delicious burgers and fries around.

Ready for Top Topii?

It’s showtime for Top Topii on Wednesday, 16 February, 2022 – after months in the test kitchen readying for this big launch day.

And you can either have your food delivered, or ready to collect from the Top Topii HQ in M12.

How to experience Top Topii

There are almost as many ways to order as colors of Top Topii burger bun.

And if you’re one of the first 100 people to download Top Topii’s own ordering app (available on Android and iOS), you’ll get a free burger to collect.

Simply text the team when you arrive at their Manchester outlet. They’ll pop out with your order when it’s fresh off the grill.

Prefer to get your American smashed burgers delivered? Top Topii’s on Deliveroo, JustEat, UberEats and FoodHub.

Check out Top Topii today on the website, or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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