Manchester Quiz: Can You Answer These 30 Questions About The World’s Greatest City?


There is simply no better city on this planet than Manchester, although we are probably a bit biased.

From its founding as a Roman settlement to being the heart of the industrial revolution and its reputation as the world’s leading city for culture and sport today, Manchester has much to love and cherish.

But how much do you really know about the city? Could you tell your Noel from your Liam or Oasis from the Smiths?

We have created this trivia quiz to test your general knowledge of Mancunian – only true Mancs are capable of successfully answering all 30 questions correctly.

Good luck!


1. What insect is the symbol of Manchester?

2. How many boroughs are there in Greater Manchester?

3. Which famous Mancunian wrote ‘A Clockwork Orange’?

4. “Be Here Now” and “The Masterplan” were hit albums by which Mancunian band?

5. Which Altrincham-born singer had a big hit in 199 with ‘Babylon?’

6. Which famous singer was made an honorary citizen of Manchester in 2017?

7. Which famous political activist was born on Moss Side in 1858?

8. Who is Manchester City’s all-time top scorer?

9. Which famous soft drink was originally a tonic made from fruits, herbs, and spices created in Manchester?

10. What 1980s Manchester band were Morrissey and Johnny Marr in?

11. What band formed the lead singer of Oasis, the one with three children?

12. Which Manchester scientist cracked the Enigma?

13. What was Manchester’s nickname during the industrial revolution?

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14. Which newspaper was founded in Manchester in 1821?

15. What is the common name of the largest prison in Manchester?

16. Which popular full English breakfast originated in Manchester?

17. What important political movement started in Manchester?

18. Which popular soap opera takes place in Manchester?

19. When the Romans first established a city that would become Manchester, what did they call it?

20. Which pub survived the aftermath of a 1996 IRA bomb attack in the city center?

21. What major sporting event did Manchester host in the summer of 2002?

22. What part of Manchester still contains the remains of a Roman fort?

23. Which city was connected to Manchester when the railway opened in 1830?

24. What sauce is commonly associated with Mancunian cuisine?

25. What type of weather is often associated with Manchester?

26. What popular bitter is made in Manchester?

27. What is the tallest building in Manchester?

28. What is the telephone dialing code for Manchester?

29. Why did Manchester University students Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov win the Nobel Prize in 2010?

30. Which luxury car brand has its roots in Manchester?


1. The worker bee

2. 10

3. Antonio Burgess


5. David Gray

6. Ariana Grande

7. Emmeline Pankhurst

8. Sergio Aguero

9. Vine

10. The Smiths

11. Flying Birds by Noel Gallagher

12. Alan Turing

13. Cottonopolis

14. The Guardian

15. Strange paths

16. Black pudding

17. The suffrage movement

18. Coronation Street

19. Mamutius

20. Sinclair’s Oyster Bar

21. The 2002 Commonwealth Games

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22. Castle Field


24. Sauce

25. Rain

26. Boddington Bitters

27. Deansgate Square South Tower

28. 0161

29. Nobel Prize in Physics

30. Rolls-Royce


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