Man who lost his mum and wife to Covid calls on law-breakers Johnson and Sunak to resign


Charles Percinger, lost his mum Susan, 76, to Covid in January 2021, and six weeks later the virus also claimed the life of his wife Katie, 51, a deputy care home manager

Charles Percinger lost his mum and wife to Covid

Grieving families whose loved ones died alone during lockdown say shameless Boris Johnson must step down after he tried to brush off his partygate fine with a hollow apology.

Telling of their heartbreaking orders in a bid to make the Prime Minister see sense, they insist: “This is why it matters.”

So far the PM has resisted calls to do the decent thing over the £50 penalty he was given for attending his rule-breaking birthday gathering on June 19, 2020.

His Chancellor Rishi Sunak has also decided to stay in post, despite also receiving a fine for being at the same do.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have been fined for breaking Covid laws


UK PARLIAMENT/AFP via Getty Image)

But for those who stuck to the rules despite the misery it caused them and their loved ones, the reaction in Downing Street is simply not good enough.

Charles Persinger lost mum Susan, 76, to Covid in January 2021, and six weeks later the virus claimed the life of his wife Katie, 51, a deputy care home manager.

Katie was in hospital for almost a month but Charles, 57, and son Joe, 21, were barred from visiting her until she was drawing her very last breath.

The semi-retired care home worker from Swindon, Wilts, said: “I couldn’t see my wife in hospital in her final weeks, that’s part I struggle with. She was alone.”

Families who lost loved ones to Covid at the National Covid Memorial Wall


Jonathan Buckmaster)

Calling for the resignation of those who broke their own rules to party while others suffered alone, he added: “It matters because our loved ones’ lives matter and common decency matters.

“Humanity matters – and they took that from us. They stole the last precious moments from so many people, never to get them back again. If they had any human common decency, they would go – and they would go now.”

Lockdown rules prevented Collin Fernando attending his dad Anthony’s funeral three days before Boris’s rule-breaking birthday party on June 19 – which was also Anthony’s birthday.

Collin Fernando said his father’s funeral was on the same day as Boris Johnson’s birthday party


Stoke Sentinel)

Addressing the PM, Colin from Bucknall, Stoke, said: “My father was granted a cremation with no ceremony on June 16, 2020.

“We were forbidden to attend. My father shared the same birthday as yourself, June 19.

“While my family sat across the country separated by lockdown rules, unable to collectively mourn our loss, a birthday party was held in your honour…at your home in London.

“Resign, Prime Minister. You’re an unfit leader who has lied to the British people and shown no remorse for your actions.”

Anthony Fernando passed away after contracting coronavirus


Stoke Sentinel)

Jackie Green, 60, a communications consultant from South London, lost her mum Beryl Harris, 86, on December 18, 2020, after she contracted the virus in hospital. She said: “I used to try and keep her spirits from her up, but I knew she was very, very lonely during that time. For me, the worst thing was that she was on her own. She must have been so frightened.”

Speaking about the PM, she added: “He’s lied to the British people and he’s lied in Parliament about the parties.

“Anybody with any sense of integrity and respect for the British people would step down. And that’s true for both Boris Johnson and for Rishi Sunak.

“People like myself have made heartbreaking sacrifices, and others had their lives put on hold for two years, so this affects everybody in this country…it’s an insult to everybody in this country.”

Beryl Harris with her daughter Jackie Green

Denise O’Leary was left alone at her husband’s funeral



Denise O’Leary of Sparkwell, Devon, lost builder husband Des, 60, to lung cancer on March 21, 2020, and was left “sobbing, totally alone” at his funeral, with just eight people allowed to attend.

She said: “We have never been able to have a proper funeral for him.

“I couldn’t do all the things I’d normally have done to help me get through the loss – but I stuck to the rules because I thought it was the right thing to do for the good of the country.

Des O’Leary died of lung cancer


Trevor Gliddon/Plymouth Herald)

“My late husband’s brother, sister and best friends live a two-hour drive away so they, too, obeyed the rules and didn’t drive to be with us. Johnson and Sunak must now resign.”

Rivka Gottlieb lost dad Michael, 73, in April 2020. Michael and his wife Mili were both in hospital with Covid but Mili was discharged and sat home alone, while Michael sadly died in hospital a few days later – also alone.

Rivka said: “My dad died alone and when my mum was discharged we weren’t allowed to go and look after her, so she was all alone.

“We couldn’t comfort her after she lost her husband. I’m furious Boris has been allowed to pay the fine and not resign. We couldn’t even be at my dad’s graveside when his coffin was lowered, an important part of our Jewish religion.

Rivka Gottlieb with her father Michael and her daughter



Sylvia Griffiths died alone in a care home


Deborah Doyle)

“Boris met bereaved families and looked them in the face and told them he did everything he could. I know some of the families that met him and they said they did n’t see a flicker of emotion in his eyes from him, and now we know why – because he was lying.

Deborah Doyle’s mum Sylvia Griffiths, 76, died alone in a care home in April 2020. She said: “To know those people blatantly broke the law and are telling us to move on speaks volumes. Boris should resign now.

“How can we have a leader who lies in Parliament and breaks the law?

“I need to resign.”

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