Man who bought house in Italy for just 85p forced to give it up three years later

Danny McCubbin, 58, purchased the rundown house in Mussomeli, Sicily, for 85p but has been forced to give it up three years later because he couldn’t find workers to renew within that time

Danny bought house in Italy for 85p but had to renovate it within three years

A man who purchased a rundown property in Italy for just 85p has been forced to sell his house – as he couldn’t find workers to renovate the property in time to meet a strict deadline.

Danny McCubbin, 58, bought the house in Mussomeli, Sicily, where a ‘Case 1 Euro’ campaign was launched to encourage foreigners to the area.

The Aussie, who had been living in the UK for 17 years, decided the opportunity to own an overseas home at a cut down price was too good to turn down and urged others to do the same.

However, the condition was that buyers had to renew the house within three years of purchase to have complete ownership.

And with labor shortages in Italy’s construction industry made the request tricky to fulfill as the chef – who has worked for Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation – couldn’t find anyone to help him renovate his dream home within the time frame.

He was forced to sell the property back to an estate agency after just a few months, receiving his payment back, as it was extremely difficult to find builders.

Speaking to iNews, he said: “It was very difficult to find a builder and over time the house deteriorated.

“By the time I did find a building company, it was double the cost to renovate it. I decided it was not worth it for me anymore.”

Danny said he was disappointed, having enjoyed the quiet life in Mussomeli, a town of just 11,000 people.

The house required a lot of work


Danny McCubbin)

However, it did not determine him as he managed to turn his hand to buying another cheap house for £6,700 (€8,000) which required less work.

In addition, he was able to find two construction workers to do a week of work for him, with the smaller fixes setting him back £4,200 (€5,000).

This has now allowed him to settle into the home and he has now opened a community kitchen to make and deliver free meals to vulnerable families.

He added: “I moved here at the end of December 2020, because I wanted to live in Italy when Brexit happened.

“I’ve always wanted to live in Sicily, my parents loved the countryside. So I asked myself what was missing in Mussomeli and I came up with the idea of ​​The Good Kitchen.”

The chef said he enjoyed the quiet life in Mussomeli, Sicily


Danny McCubbin)

And the labor shortage has promoted Mussomeli’s deputy to try and reduce the pressure on homeowners who are in desperate need of builders to help renovate their houses.

And Mayor Toti Nigrelli has since promised to alleviate the labor shortage for others hoping to purchase a cheap house at a reduced rate.

He ended up buying himself a house in Mussomeli, Sicily, where a ‘Case 1 Euro’ campaign has been launched to encourage foreigners to the area.


Danny McCubbin)

He said: “Local enterprises, which are busy with renovations until 2024, are forced to turn down new contracts, but soon there will be an influx of new builders from abroad to help out.”

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