Man stabbed his brother to death after being confronted over ‘childish’ prank

A man grabbed a knife and stabbed his brother to death after his sibling confronted him over a ‘childish’ prank. Gilvy Anderson knifed his brother Emile as their mother watched TV in another room.

Gilvy, 59, had been antagonizing his brother by moving the angle of a CCTV camera his sibling had installed so it became ‘useless’.

Admitting he moved the camera to ‘wind up’ his brother, Gilvy said: “He wound me up. It was childish but I did it every other day. I thought it was funny at the time.”

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After being challenged about the prank, Gilvy grabbed a knife and stabbed Emile to the chest.

He claimed he was acting in self defense after Emile had started ‘growing’ and came at him. A jury found him not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter.

He will be sentenced later this month. Manchester Crown Court heard that Gilvy had developed a ‘hatred’ for Emile, 50.

The pair lived with another brother, Gerrard, 59, and their mother Marlene on Davyhulme Road in Stretford. Tensions had been high in the house for a while, and Gilvy had become increasingly ‘distanced’ and ‘paranoid’, jurors heard.

He lost his job and had become interested in conspiracy theories, and covered electrical items such as TVs with a towel believing there may be cameras inside watching him. Gilvy believed his younger brother was stealing from him, and he also began ‘deliberately antagonizing’ Emile.

This included using a broomstick to move the angle of a CCTV camera which Emile had installed to cover his shed in the back yard. He also kept weapons in the house and had threatened to attack his brother, prosecutor Nick Johnson QC said.

Floral tributes were placed in the front garden of the house

Mrs Anderson, who had been watching TV in a sitting room, heard Emile utter a ‘loud cry’ on Friday, April 16 last year. He had been stabbed by Gilvy after Emile had gone to confront him in the kitchen about moving the camera.

Gilvy claimed he was acting in self defence, after Emile started whispering ‘I’m sick of you, I’m sick of you’, began ‘growling’ and looked ‘psychotic’.

Emile was able to walk back upstairs to his bedroom after being stabbed, but collapsed and was found unconscious in his room. Mrs Anderson told Gilvy to ‘get out’, and said she feared her son de ella may attack her after he armed himself with a bread knife. He put the knife down and went outside before the police arrived.

“One cannot begin to imagine what a difficult position Marlene Anderson is in, and we suggest she did her best to tell the truth as she saw it, despite such tragic circumstances,” Mr Johnson said.

Gilvy admitted that he stabbed his brother, but maintained he was acting in self-defence. “I was frightened to death, he was right on top of me,” he said during the trial.

“I thought he was going to carve my face in. He was coming at me, he was about to do some damage.”

After the verdicts were announced, Judge Elizabeth Nicholls said: “This is a very tragic incident, there are no winners in this case.” Sentencing was added until April 11.

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