Man reveals how woman on Tinder ditched him on trip to get back together with her ex-boyfriend

A woman has shared a story about one of her Tinder matches, Bobby, who claimed that he was stuck in Washington, DC, alone after being abandoned by his date on a trip.

In a recent post to the popular Subreddit “Tinder,” u/GladRx posted a screenshot of a message she got from a man on Tinder named Bobby. She explained in the caption that she had asked him what brought him to DC, as he’s originally from Orlando, Florida.

According to the screenshot, Bobby said that when he was in Florida, he matched with a woman on Tinder and they “chatted for a bit.” And although they “never met up” in person, she asked him to accompany her on a “work” trip.

“She says: ‘hey, any chance you want to go to DC for the week, I have a work thing and want a travel buddy,’” Bobby recalled in his message. “Seemed insane to me, but I worked remotely and it sounds like a fun adventure.”

I have noted how he took a flight from Orlando and “hung out” with the woman at the “hotel bar” after work and “had a great time”. However, when they woke up the next morning, she told Bobby that she still had feelings for her ex from her.

“She goes: ‘I had a great time last night and I really like you, but my ex texted me last night, and I realized I’m not over him,’” the message continued. “She then tells me she is cutting her work trip short and going back to Orlando.”

Bobby told u/GladRx that he couldn’t get an earlier flight back to Orlando that worked for him, so he stayed in his date’s hotel room alone. He also acknowledged that, while he knew the trip was an “insane idea” in the first place, he did not expect his Tinder match from her to go back to her ex from her.

“I’m stuck in the hotel room [that] her company paid for in a city I know no one [in] until Friday,” he continued. “I envisioned a lot of outcomes that made the trip an insane idea but didn’t come up with the ex-boyfriend angle, lol.”

“Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk,” I concluded. “At least I got a story out of it.”

It appears that u/GladRx wanted to help Bobby, as the caption of the post reads: “Ladies in DC please invite this poor guy for a drink.”

As of 14 April, the post has more than 19,500 upvotes, with some readers in the comments sharing ideas for how they’d handle the situation if they were in Bobby’s shoes.

“You can spend a whole day just in the museums,” one person wrote. “Great seafood over there too, I’d low-key be kind of happy my date danced one and left me in a free hotel room.”

“In a city with a plethora of free amazing cool s**t,” another person wrote. “Some of the most fun in DC is free and public transit is fantastic. One of the better places you can get stranded alone.”

A few Reddit users also replied with criticism of Bobby’s date, with some questioning how she was able to leave her trip early.

“I’m getting the feeling that [it] wasn’t an ex but her current boyfriend,” one person wrote. “I’d frankly feel worse for the guy she’s coming home to after going out of town on a work trip. Seriously how f**ked up is that? Also, how come she can just leave and go home in the middle of a paid work trip?”

The Independent have contacted u/GladRx for comment.

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