Man ‘left covered in bruises’ from brutal attack by 15 children after shouting at them

The victim’s wife, Tracey, was also injured when she stepped outside to try and break up the attack by the gang of around 15 youths outside the couple’s home in west Cardiff

The incident happened in a street in Cardiff, Wales

A gang of 15 youths attacked a man in a street when he complained about them riding scooters on the pavement.

The man had just walked home from work when he confronted the group outside his house who had tried to run him into the road.

But he was quickly accosted by 15 “high school-aged” children whose attack left him requiring a week away off from work, says Wales Online.

The man’s wife Tracey, who did not want to give either her surname or her husband’s name, tried to stop the attack and was hit in the face.

She said: “My husband was just walking along the street and there was a gang of kids on scooters.

“They tried running him off the roads for no reason, he was only walking up.

“So of course, he shouted at them and told them to stop. Then the next thing you know, there’s like fifteen of them who have suddenly appeared outside our house and they started attacking him.

“I had been ill and was only discharged out of hospital the day before.

Some of the injuries caused by the gang of youths in the attack on the man outside his home



“I had to get involved to try stop it and got hit in the face.

“My neighbours started coming out and begging the children to leave and saying this is our road. Cars were stopping and people were getting out trying to help. The kids thought it was funny.

“He was attacked so badly, he had to take a week off work under the doctor’s orders until the bruising and swelling went down. He was covered in bruises and couldn’t even use his knees where he was pushed and had fallen.”

The incident happened outside their home in West Cardiff where a number of other incidents have been reported by unhappy residents.

Tracey added: “The children were around high school age and they just got away with it.

“It’s the same group causing problems. They go around in gangs and play loud music and smoke spliffs, especially in the parks around the area.”

Bethan Evans says she has seen a high amount of anti-social behaviour since moving to the area



Bethan Evans, 21, has recently moved to the same area as the couple and has already seen fireworks being thrown at people, drug dealings and even stealing in her local shop – all done by people under the age of sixteen.

She said: “Every time I go to the shops on Cowbridge Road West or even my local corner store, I see young people swearing loudly, knocking over things around the aisle and even throwing them across the store and breaking them.

“The staff in shops get so much abuse by the kids too when telling them to stop or trying to kick them out – I feel so sorry for them. I don’t know how they put up with it.”

Inspector Kevin Deacy, from Ely Police Station, said: “Sometimes, crime and anti-social behaviour being discussed on social media hasn’t been reported to the police.

“I would encourage anyone with information to provide it as we have a better chance of tackling this behaviour as and when it is reported.”

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