Man ‘invaded’ vulnerable woman’s home and sexually attacked her as she slept

A man invaded a vulnerable woman’s home before sexually assaulting her as she slept. Richard Bradley, 45, walked into the woman’s house in the early hours of the morning before making his way to her bedroom.

The woman, who suffers from a number of learning disabilities and shared her home with live-in carers, was awoken on August 15, 2021 to see a man standing in her bedroom. She described seeing him unzip his trousers from her before ‘messing with himself’.

He then walked over to her and sexually assaulted her, Minshull Street Crown Court heard. “The defendant then took his pants off completely and he moved towards the end of the bed,” prosecutor Matthew Curtis said.

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“She got out of bed and ran past him realizing this was not right. She spoke to one of the carers who was in the living room and said the woman appeared to be scared.”

The woman told her carer: “there’s a man in my bedroom” and upon searching the bedroom, she saw Bradley sitting on the bed appearing to be masturbating.

In body worn footage shown to the court, officers can be heard asking Bradley ‘Do you live here’, before asking the carers and the woman ‘Do you know him? You don’t know him?’

They then asked Bradley what he was doing and he replied “[Name] lived here, I’m seeing her, she’s in the other room, she knows I’m here.” It was later said that he believed his ex-partner lived at the address.

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He was arrested and cautioned and replied ‘Yeah, fair enough’. In a prepared statement, he said he had suffered from a severe brain injury as a result of being struck to the head some years ago, and it has since affected his memory of him.

He said he suffered from seizures and epilepsy which was controlled by medication. “He recalls going out that evening with a friend for a few drinks, and he remembered nothing until he waking up in the police station,” Mr Curtis said.

In a victim personal statement, the woman’s mother said it was a massive achievement for her daughter to move into semi-independent living, but said the incident had changed her life and her family’s life.

She said her daughter is very vulnerable and has an ‘innocent nature which was exploited’ through the actions of Bradley. She added that if she had stayed living with her, the incident would not have happened.

The incident had caused the woman to suffer with flashbacks which had caused her distress and fear, the court heard.

Bradley was said to have 58 previous convictions including offenses of burglary, possession of an imitation firearm and driving offences.

The court heard that Bradley had been the victim of an attack which saw him suffering from a brain injury in 2015. This has since affected his memory, his ability to walk and talk, and he doesn’t drive or manage his own finances as a result, his barrister Nicola Carroll said.

“While he cannot account for the offense or remember any details, he is genuinely devastated as he knows he has committed such an abhorrent offence,” she said. “He has repeatedly said to me how sorry he is.

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“This offense is very much out of character for him. I genuinely believed he was at the house of his ex-partner of him. ”

Minshull Street Crown Court

Sentencing, Judge Tina Landale said the young woman was protected by her family by entering into a semi-independent accommodation to try and support her to ‘achieve the life she wanted’. She said Bradley ‘invaded’ her home before assaulting her.

“The harm you have caused her is significant and the harm you have caused her family is also significant,” she said. “She was a truly vulnerable victim, being asleep at the time you approached her.

“I note you have mild cognitive impairment, but this is not linked to the commission of these offenses as they are linked to voluntary intoxication.”

Bradley, of Burns Avenue, Bury, was jailed for 30 months after admitting two offenses of sexual assault. He was also made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, restraining order and must sign onto the Sex Offenders Register, all to run indefinitely.

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