Man excited for a bacon and bean baguette breakfast left ‘disgusted’ by Morrisons buy

Gary Greenfield, 60, claims his breakfast plans wrecked when the baguette he ordered from Morrisons was covered in mold and now he claims he can’t get in touch with the supermarket to complain

The customers say he hasn’t been able to contact Morrisons to complain

A hungry man says his mega morning breakfast baguette plans were left in tatters by some very moldy bread.

Gary Greenfield, from Leeds, Yorkshire, was left “disgusted” after opening the door to collect the early Saturday delivery from Morrisons.

The 60-year-old claims he had stored the product as per the instructions on the packaging – and there were no signs of damage, LeedsLive reports.

Due to disability issues he is unable to go to the supermarket, so Gary had bought two baguettes that were in date online.

He then stored them as per packaging and instructions.

Gary said: “I fancied a bacon and bean baguette on Saturday for my breakfast.

He made an online order – and was ‘disgusted’ by what he found


Leeds Live/MEN Media)

Gary Greenfield says the order wrecked his breakfast plans


Leeds Live/MEN Media)

“I turned the oven on and went to get the baguettes out of my cupboard and when I saw it I was like what the f***.

“I wasted turning the oven on, I still have the baguettes unopened, in their packaging, within date.

“It was stored in a dry place. There is no tear or perforation.

“It’s not just a few spots of mould, it’s disgusting.

“Being disabled I could have been quite easily very ill with that. I’m disgusted by it.”

Gary claims he can’t get in touch with Morrisons to complain or send them a picture of the moldy product.

He alleges his complaints process is making extremely difficult and doesn’t allow you to attach an image.

He added: “It’s not just a bit of mould, I have pictures from the front, back and side of the baguette its absolutely ravished with it.”

Morrison’s told Gary he would need to return the product to the store so it could see it wasn’t “fake” – due to his mobility issues Gary wasn’t able too and is still waiting for a resolution.

A spokeswoman for Morrisons said: “I am really sorry about the customer’s recent purchase with us.

“So we can improve on our services and make sure this doesn’t happen again we do require the receipt, packaging products details.

“Please be assured your comments are very important to us. I have taken the liberty and addressed your feedback within the business.

“It is always our intention that customers are satisfied with everything they buy from us and I am sorry on this occasion the customer has been disappointed.”

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