Man ends up trapped in Wilkos all night after falling asleep in doorway

The man, who was on a night out, became locked into the Wilkos branch after he fell asleep in the doorway and the shutters came down

The side entrance of the Wilko store - showing where the man had fallen asleep and was locked in
The side entrance of the Wilko store – showing where the man had fallen asleep and was locked in

A man on a night out fell asleep in the doorway of a branch of Wilkos, only to end up trapped there all night when the store’s shutters locked him in.

He could be heard pleading with passers-by for a cigarette as he banged on the shutters at 7.45am on Feb 4th.

And one man on his way to work found his pleas so hilarious he filmed him.

Musician Ethan Brahney, 22, was walking through the city center at 7.45am when he heard the man’s desperate cries.

He realized they were coming from behind the shutters, which protect the main store windows of Wilkos in Lancaster.

In Ethan’s video, the stricken man can be heard banging on the metal doors.

A bizarre video shows a man getting stopped in his tracks after discovering a person trapped behind the shutters of a Wilko store

In the clip, the person can be heard lashing from the inside of the metal shutter, trying to get someone’s attention

Ethan says: “You alright mate?” to which he replies: “I can’t get out!”

Ethan replies: “How did you get in there?” and he replies: “I fell asleep last night and someone’s locked me in!”

Ethan then says: “You’ve been locked in the shutter?” and the man says: “Yeah.”

Ethan then adds: “Sh*t man I’ll give Wilkos a call and see if anyone’s there.”

Hilariously the trapped partygoer then pleads: “Have you got a cig on you mate?”

Cracking up, Ethan replies: “Nah man, I don’t even know how I’d get it to you, there’s af*cking grill in the way.

“I can’t even see you. That is f*cking class man. He’s stuck in the gutter, in the grill.

“Ahh I tell you what man you have just brightened my morning up with that. All the best brother.”

Ethan then continues on his way to work, laughing.

The 22-year-old musician started filming after approaching the doorway to check the person was okay

He said he didn’t call Wilkos as the store opened in 45 minutes and he knew the man would get rescued then.

Wilkos Lancaster shuts at 5:30pm, meaning the man must have been there for almost 14 hours.

Ethan explained: “I was going to work, I’ve no idea about anything before I saw him.

“I assume he’d just had a night on the drinks, fallen asleep and the shutters have come down automatically when the shop closed.”

“We’ve all had a rough night like that – you can’t blame the lad for wanting a kip.

“I’m not sure about how people didn’t see him because it’s not as if he was dead, there were a few people out and about.

“I Googled the number, but saw the store opened not too long after I was there.

“I thought of calling but thought if the shutters are down there’d be no one in as they’d have to open the shutters to access the store.

“I saw that the store was opening very soon after I found him and I had to get to work so I went.

“Obviously if he was in pain or discomfort I would’ve helped but he was chilling asking me for a fag.

“If the first question was more alarming than that I would’ve done more to help.”

“I think he’d just been on a night out, I think if he was homeless he would’ve had a spot that’s more permanent.

“I’ve no idea who the guy is, that’s why I’m keeping the video up, the guy’s anonymous so it’s a funny video rather than a mocking one.”

Wilkos has been contacted for comment.

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