Man applauded for kindness after finding money stranger left in Asda cash machine

A man on Facebook stumbled across the cash when he went to use the ATM and decided to do a good deed rather than pocket it for himself – leaving people online stunned

A close up of a person grabbing money from a cash machine. There is a visible £10 note on top of the money stack.
The man saw the cash sitting in the ATM as he went to use it (stock image)

We’ve all seen money discarded on the street or loose change left at the bottom of a self-service till at a supermarket.

And if the owner of the cash is nowhere in sight, some of us will pocket that money for ourselves, assuming they’re long gone and there’s no chance to return it.

But one man on Facebook has set a good example for the rest of us by doing the right thing in that situation, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The man found some money left in a cash machine inside the Asda in Birkenhead North and although he didn’t see the person who left it behind, he still decided to hand it into the cigarette counter in case they came back.

He decided to hand the money in to employees at Asda (stock image)


Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Posting on Facebook in the hopes of reuniting the money with its owner, he wrote: “If you left your money at the cash machine at Birkenhead North Asda today (December 2) at 12ish … I handed it into the cigarette counter in Asda. They were going to log it in their book.”

The man’s kind deed went viral online, and people were quick to praise him for restoring their faith in humanity.

One person wrote: “Well done for being an honest person.”

While another said: “You have restored my faith in human nature. Well done.”

And a third posted: “Great to see honest people.”

As someone else added: “Well done nice to see there are still some honest people.”

But another commenter insisted it was better for the man to leave the cash where it was, as cash machines often retract the money and re-credit the account it came from.

They wrote: “Better to let it go back into the machine as it gets credited back to account.”

And the man replied: “I thought that, but also thought leaving it might have seen it taken by someone else? This way the Asda team will make sure it gets returned to the account.”

What to do if you leave your money in the cash machine

According to Link, the UK’s largest cash machine network, ATMs will usually wait a few seconds before retracting the cash and re-crediting your account.

But if you don’t get your money back, you should get in touch with your bank or building society.

Link said: “They can check your account and if necessary, contact the ATM operator. If possible, try to have the following information to hand: Where the ATM was, the date and time you tried to use the ATM and the amount of cash you tried to withdraw.”

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