Man, 22, facing ‘threats’ after wracking up £2,000 of debt found hanged, inquest hears

Perry Greenhalgh had recently split with his girlfriend and told his mum he could not go back to his flat because he was being threatened, an inquest into his death heard

Perry Greenhalgh was described as ‘very intelligent and was good at solving problems’

A man who wracked up £2,000 in debt and who was allegedly being threatened was found found hanged, an inquest heard.

Perry Greenhalgh, who worked for a removals business, had been in debt to an unnamed businessman who sold him scooters then allegedly made threats when he failed to pay, a coroner’s court was told.

The 22-year-old from Farnworth, Greater Manchester, also broke up with his on-off girlfriend just days before his death on April 18 this year, the hearing in Bolton was told.

Perry’s brother Ryan Greenhalgh said in a statement: “He had a turbulent relationship with Danielle. They would be friends one minute and at each other’s throat the next. They would get on and then something would blow up and they would argue.

“The last time I saw him was at Christmas in 2020. At that stage, he was at my house, he said he did want to go home and said his girlfriend and her friends were using his place and it was a doss house.

Perry was found hanged


Perry Greenhalgh/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

”He did not really want to go home. He was frightened of something but he didn’t say what. The following day he texted me and I found out he had debts which he could not pay.”

Close friend Sherry Riley said: “I received a text message from Danielle on April 5 saying she had kicked him out of her flat. He gave no indication of where he was going to. On Sunday at 1.30pm I got another call from Danielle saying they were at his premises with his Mum.

”The last time I was with Perry, he was perfectly okay and gave no indication of any issues. Apparently Ryan had told his mum that he was going to give Perry money to sort out his debt.”

In a statement Danielle, 21, said: “I had been in an off and off relationship with Perry for about one year and we had been living together for three months. But I noticed two weeks before his death that he not been showering or eating properly.

”He was in £2,000 worth of debt and could not pay it off. He owed £600 for a scooter and £200 for some trainers. He sent a message to his sister saying tell my family and Danielle that I love them.”

Perry was just 22 when he died


Perry Greenhalgh/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Perry’s mother Jennifer Greenhalgh said: ”He was very intelligent and was good at solving problems. He worked for a company in Bolton and also helped with the running of a removal business. He helped with this and had two scooters which were sold to him.

”But the businessman wanted the money for the scooters. His girlfriend and brother would not let the men in to see Perry and said he was too ill to go out and the man left without being paid.

”Perry was a young, fit man. He was seeing Danielle but they split up on the Thursday before he died. Danielle had thrown Perry out of the premises and he was upset and saying he could not go back to his flat because he was being threatened.

”We were not aware who was issuing the threats.”

Det Insp Deborah Hurst of Greater Manchester Police said: ”Perry had struggles with recent events and debts and his split with his partner and threats he appeared to have received. But there is no information to suggest any criminal involvement or any third party involvement.”

Recording a conclusion of suicide the coroner Prof Alan Walsh said: ”Perry had a number of problems or a number of events that troubled him.

”He was in debt and he had some threats but they were unconfirmed. He also had problems with his relationship with his girlfriend who he had been seeing for 12 months, which was a turbulent love-hate relationship.

”On 15 April, he was asked to leave her premises where he had been staying with her. That was the day he went to his own flat and is likely he wrote the note on that day saying he was sorry for everything and that he loved his family.

”He had a number of matters preying on his mind, not least his debt and relationship and I am greatly saddened by this death at the age of 22.

”It is a pity he did not seek guidance from his family who I am sure would have helped or from services who would have given him help.

“It is a great shame he felt like there was no way forward but to end his life. I express my sympathy to the family.”

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