Madrid calls a “joke” the 1.5 million that the Government will give him for Filomena | Radio Madrid

The central government will give 1.5 million to the city of Madrid for the extraordinary emergency expenses generated by the great snowfall that the storm Filomena left in the capital at the beginning of January, an amount that the Madrid Executive considers more than insufficient.

The delegate of Finance and Personnel of the Madrid City Council, Engracia Hidalgo, has held a meeting this Thursday with the delegate of the Government Mercedes González, who has informed her that the capital will receive 1.5 million euros for the emergency expenses faced by Filomena , an amount that has been labeled “almost a joke”, and has advanced that it will appeal.

The Government delegate assured on the 27th that before the end of the year 96 city councils in the region would receive almost seven million euros in the aid requested to face the consequences of the storm Filomena, but did not specify the amount for each municipality.

Asked about the figure that the Madrid City Council will receive for Filomena’s damages, Mercedes González avoided specifying it, since in the following days she was going to hold a meeting with Engracia Hidalgo.

The meeting finally took place this Friday, and after it the municipal delegate sent an audio to the press in which she censured that “in the City Council we spent 60 million on contracts” due to the snowfall that caused the storm Filomena last January, “and they are going to revert us from the Government of the nation 1.5 million.”

“If someone thinks” that the amount for “opening schools, opening hospitals, cutting down trees, removing logs that had fallen on the streets … in short, taking the security measures that were necessary at that time so that everyone We could go back to having a normal life, it was 1.5 million. I have to say that the amount seems almost like a joke to me ”, Hidalgo adds.

He also sees “incredible that the blankets and heaters that we buy for the vulnerable people of La Cañada Real do not consider an emergency.”

Obviously, Hidalgo concludes, the municipal government of PP and Ciudadanos is going to prepare “the studies that are necessary to appeal this resolution, since I believe that it shows the little interest that the Government of the nation, to Mr. Pedro Sánchez, the difficulties that we Madrilenians were experiencing at that time caused him. “

While the meeting was taking place, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, said at the press conference after the last Governing Board of the year that they were not “particularly optimistic.”

“We already said it. Aids arrive a year late, they arrive for an amount, in principle, significantly lower than what we had been told from the Government of the nation. A figure close to 65 million euros had been communicated to us as the first aid payment for Filomena, but we are already seeing that in relation to what is the set of city councils of the Community of Madrid the figures are ridiculous “, Martínez-Almeida has added.

The mayor of the capital and national spokesman for the PP believes that this “is also a warning to the inhabitants of La Palma.”

According to Martínez-Almeida, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), has been to La Palma eight times and “has not yet put a single euro” on La Palma. “I say it because unfortunately in Madrid we already have experience and I believe that the palmeros will not be able to expect much from this situation either,” he predicted.

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