Macron warns that “the worst is yet to come” in Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Thursday that “the worst is yet to come” in Ukraine after speaking with Vladimir Putin. In a one-and-a-half-hour telephone conversation, the Russian president told his French counterpart that the operation of the Russian army was taking place “as planned” by Moscow and that it would “intensify” if the Ukrainians do not accept its conditions. .

According to Elysee sources, the telephone exchange took place at the request of Putin – the third since the beginning of the invasion on February 24 – and in it the Russian leader has advanced that if Ukraine does not accept its terms through diplomatic channels, Russia will get them through the military.

24 Hours – Putin Says His Plans Are Going As Planned, According To Elysee – Listen Now

Macron, according to these sources, has replied that he was making “a serious mistake” and that his action was not in accordance with reality nor could he justify his violence and the price his country is going to pay, which will end up “isolated, weakened and under sanctions” for a long period of time. “You’re telling yourself stories, you’re looking for pretexts,” he told her, inviting her “not to lie” about “the Ukrainian regime.”

This is why the French Head of State has extracted from this telephone exchange that “The worst is yet to come”, given Putin’s determination and his argument of blaming Ukraine as the trigger for his operation due to non-compliance, in the opinion of the Russian leader, with the Minsk peace agreements.

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A “tense” but “frank” conversation

From the Elysee it has been admitted that although the talk was “tense” on the meritsthe dialogue was frank and there is an intention to maintain contact in the future because both leaders “can say strong things to each other without breaking the conversation.”

Macron has once again demanded that Putin put an end to the military offensive and asked him to guarantee the physical integrity of both the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelensky, his relatives and all civilians in the country. Putin, for his part, has ensured that civilians are not a military target.

“We are going to toughen the sanctions” against Russia, has reaffirmed the Presidency, assuring that it is “a very powerful tool, as we can see in the collapse of the ruble”.

Putin says Russian military campaign in Ukraine ‘progressing successfully’

Putin, for his part, has stressed that the Russian military campaign is going successfully and has highlighted the heroism of the Russian soldiers as opposed to the Ukrainian forces, whom he has accused of preventing civilians from using lThe humanitarian corridors enabled by the Russian army and of using foreigners as hostages.

“The soldiers are fighting for Russia, for peaceful life in Donbas so that no one can threaten us from our own borders,” he said in an appearance.

Putin has also assured that the Government will compensate families of fallen Russian servicemen in combat with seven million rubles 58,214 euros), to which an additional payment of five million rubles (41,581 euros) will be added. “In addition, a monthly compensation will be paid to all members of the family,” he has indicated. According to the president, all soldiers who are injured during the campaign will receive medical insurance and compensation.

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Russia has so far recognized some 500 military casualties in the Ukraine campaign, while Kiev puts the number of dead Russian soldiers at around 9,000.

Russia accuses Ukraine of ‘war crimes’

The conversation took place on the same day that negotiations between Russia and Ukraine resumed in the Belarusian region of Brest.

Putin, according to French sources, assures that the Ukrainians are committing “war crimes” and they are behaving like “Nazis”, which is why, although he says he is open to negotiation, he plans to go as far as taking control of the entire country.

Despite the sanctions against Russia already imposed by the international community, France believes that there is still room to tighten the fence to Russia with more support for Ukraine, initiatives with those who can put pressure on Putin or new economic or diplomatic measures.

Their bilateral conversation has been followed by another between Macron and Zelenski, in which the French president explained the Russian president’s conditions and the Ukrainian president maintained that they will not give up.

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