Macron seeks to revive the Republican front with an environmental message

the president of France and candidate for reelection, Emmanuel Macronheld this Saturday in Marseille its first meeting of the second round of the French electionsin which the far-right candidate will be measured, Marine LePenwith a short lead in the polls, which continue to give him the favourite.

It has done so in the Mediterranean city of Marseille, which in the first round voted massively for the candidate of the left Jean-Luc Mélenchon -third in discord-, with a environmental message and aimed at young peopleseeking to revive the worn-out ‘republican front’ to defeat its rival.

Macron, who has promised to make France the “first major nation” to stop using gas, oil and coal as sources of energy, has been willing to “enrich” its program with the proposals of the parties of the left, thus calling on the ten million voters than in the first round They opted for the most progressive options and where an important part considers abstaining or voting blank.

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He has also proposed appointing a prime minister directly in charge of ecological planning. This will in turn be supported by two ministers who will share ecological planning in the territories and energy to bet on renewables and promote nuclear energy, with which it aspires to ensure energy independence.

Between coal and gas on the one hand and nuclear on the other, I choose nuclear“, said the candidate of La República En Marcha, who plans to build six new nuclear reactors and study the commissioning of another eight, multiply solar energy capacity by ten and build 50 wind farms in the sea to midcentury.

abstention risk

the weight of the abstention, which on April 10 represented 26% (12.8 million people), could be accentuated in the second round threatening Macron’s return to the Elysee. Part of that electorate has expressed the indifference or the exhaustion of resorting to the so-called ‘republican front’that is to say, the union of parties against the candidates of the extreme right to prevent their entry into power, and they are tired of having to choose “the lesser of evils”.

Macron has assured that the appointment at the polls next week is “an election of civilizations”, as he has defended before the attendees. “On April 24, do not give in to fear, or ‘what is it for?’, do not give in to great relativism. If you do not want to give up humanism, this civilization of the 21st century, to build a great ecological nation, join me! “, He has affirmed.

“April 24 is a referendum for or against the European Unionfor or against ecology, for or against our youth, for or against our Republic,” Macron defended, promising a five-year term with new bases and not just “another five years,” as those attending the rally shouted at him, partly from Paris, from where they traveled by bus.

This Saturday’s polls show that the distance between Macron and Le Pen continues to widen and they give between 55.5% and 56.4% to the current leader, compared to 51% with which he started last Sunday. Furthermore, an Ipsos opinion poll indicates that the 33% of Mélenchon voters planned to support Macron in the second round, by 15% who would bet on Le Pen and 51% undecided.

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Demonstration against the extreme right

In parallel, thousands of people have demonstrated this Saturday in the streets of numerous French cities against Marine Le Pen and the extreme right. The protests were concentrated in the capital, but also in cities such as Rennes, Lyon, Nantes and Besanconamong others, called by unions and organizations such as SOS Racismo, under the slogan “Against the extreme right and for justice and equality”, as well as “Not one vote for Le Pen”.

“A vote that stinks is better than a vote that kills,” read one of the banners at the Paris rally. Numerous demonstrators anticipated that they will vote for Macron, even if they are against his ideasto prevent Le Pen from being elected.

But other banners showed at the same time the rejection of many voters to resort to the so-called ‘republican front’“Neither Macron nor Le Pen” was one of those slogans, on a day in which there was also an anti-Macron protest in Paris, organized by Marine Le Pen’s former number two, Florian Philippot, who assured on social networks that “a million people” were expected. Finally, there were only a few.

Marches in France against the extreme right

While, Le Pen visited the central department of Eure et Loir this Saturdaywhere he ranked first with 28.16%, compared to 27.21% for Macron and 18.42% for Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Le Pen denounced there the holding of “anti-democratic” demonstrations, signs that “the system is concerned about seeing the people regain power.”

Contrary to Macron, who moves around trying to recover the land where he has lost support, the leader of the extreme right is limited to visiting those in which she has been at the headwhile finalizing the details of the Wednesday TV debate, for which she has been preparing since 2017. Then, her political program and she were in evidence before the solidity of Macron. But at the time, the young candidate was still capable of generating hope.

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