Macron beats Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron has won the second round of the elections in France and will once again be president of the Fifth Republic. The centrist leader of La République En Marche! She has garnered 58.2% of the votes and has prevailed over her rival, the far-right Marine Le Pen, who has achieved 41.8% of the votes, according to estimates by French public television.

Macron will thus become the first president of France to revalidate the position in two decades, but it will do so in a very polarized country in which the extreme right stands as a second force which achieves almost half of the support of the French for the first time in history to the detriment of the traditional parties that collapsed in the first round.

Proof of this is the difference in results: yes in 2017 Macron won with more than 66% of the votes, now he has done so with eight points less. And although Le Pen does not manage to reach the Elysee, the truth is that the result of the 2022 presidential elections represents a historic victory for the extreme right.

Le Pen celebrates his “great victory” and will fight in the legislative

This is how Marine Le Pen confirmed it in her defeat speech, which she used to celebrate the “great victory” of the extreme right, that already places in the opposition of France. “I feel a kind of hope, because this result constitutes for the French and European leaders the testimony of the great confidence of the French people, which is the shared aspiration of a great change”, he pointed out to his followers.

This result constitutes the shared aspiration of a great change

Le Pen has announced that she will maintain her commitment “for the good of France”, since after the debacle of the Republican Party and the Socialist Party, her formation seems like the second option of citizens in the June legislative elections which will be another test for Macron’s presidency. “We are not going to contribute to Macron being re-elected […] we will give the great electoral battle of the legislative ones”, he affirmed.

Abstention, the other great rival

Macron started this electoral campaign with the advantage of a candidate with a presidential image who could unite not only the vote of his supporters, but also that of the rest of the political forces – almost all the parties – who asked to support him after the first round. The biggest unknown now lies in the mobilization of supporters of the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, that on April 10 he obtained 22% of the votes and that he had only asked for the vote against Marine Le Pen. According to an internal poll, the majority of her supporters were preparing to vote blank or abstain this Sunday.

And it is that apart from Le Pen, his biggest rival in these elections has been the part of the electorate dissatisfied with his management that could decide not to participate. In fact, abstention, which stood at 63.23% at 5:00 p.m., has fallen more than two points compared to the duel between the two candidates in 2017. In the absence of official data for the entire day, the polls point out that the abstention can reach 28%, the highest figure in decades.

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